April 13, 2022 Author: Admin

10 Marble Planters to Transform your Exterior from Tacky to Classy

Offering endless design possibilities, marble planters bring an essential element of style and texture to the outdoor space.

Transform them with fresh blooms and rich greenery each season—and use them to create a focal point on the patio and front yard, to add ornament at the end of a long allée, or to introduce a sense of height in a parterre.

Marblising offers one of the largest selections of marble planters available in Dubai.

From classic to contemporary urn planters, the extensive range of unique products is perfect for unlocking a stylish green space and defining an outdoor area.

Ahead, we share 10 marble planters to transform your exterior from tacky to classy.

Garland Urn with Pedestal Base

Garland Urn with Pedestal Base

The customized Garland Urn with a pedestal base features a beautiful marble composition adorned with an elegant flower pattern.

Ideal for placement in residential and commercial facades or gardens, this distinctive marble piece is a surefire way to add a classical and sophisticated note to your exterior space.

Its durable quality and enduring beauty mean it will age gracefully, making a lasting impression on all who see it. Fill with flowers and foliage for a collected look!

L’aquila Ii Fluted Planter with Footed Pedestal

L’aquila Ii Fluted Planter with Footed Pedestal

Drawing inspiration from French and Italian design, our L’aquila Ii Fluted Planter with Footed Pedestal is a stately marble piece that’s sure to catch the eye of guests.

It makes a striking entrance fixture and will equally provide a gorgeous focal point in the courtyard, patio, or garden.

The neutral shade of this marble planter fits effortlessly with any exterior style, so you can truly make it your own.

Lago Como Ii Marble Planter

Lago Como Ii Marble Planter

Anchor your exterior space with the Lago Como II Marble Planter!

Because it is both broad and tall, this gorgeous marble piece will make a show-stopping statement nestled in the garden,patio, front yard, or alfresco entertainment space.

Its contemporary design makes for an unforgettable centerpiece that is guaranteed to delight guests for many years to come.

Vasto Ribbon Relief Marble Planter

Vasto Ribbon Relief Marble Planter

If you’re looking to cultivate understated beauty for both small and large outdoor spaces, the Vasto Ribbon Relief Marble Planter is your best bet!

Featuring two fluted tiers with a footed base, this versatile marble planter is huge enough to house the larger foliage and will look fabulous wherever you place it.

Ornamental Urn Planter

Ornamental Urn Planter

Looking to infuse storied character and garden charm? Our Ornamental Urn Planter is an exquisite key piece in introducing an exotic touch in otherwise new and lacking outdoor space.

Its curved body and intricate pattern on both sides add to its eye-catching texture and understated allure, ensuring a welcoming design statement that’s both striking and elegant.

Italica Maiden & Garland Planter

Take your exterior design pursuits to greater heights with the Italica Maiden & Garland Planter featuring a maiden mask and grape garland!

Placing a pair of marble planters on each side of your front entrance will bring visual balance and a lively focal point to your exterior design.

The timeless beauty of this exotic urn planter can be accentuated with lush blooms that blend in beautifully with the surroundings.

Sulmona I Garden Planter with Pedestal Base

Sulmona I Garden Planter with Pedestal Base

The Sulmona I Garden Planters’ intricate carving is a stunning way to flank your driveway entry with pizzazz or bring symmetry to your back garden.

Its marble pedestal base perfectly complements the gorgeous curves and ensures that the pot stays put wherever it is placed.

A truly stunning piece, this hefty marble fixture will provide a distinguished look and feel to a well-manicured landscape.

Venosa Marble High Relief Planter

Venosa Marble High Relief Planter

Classic marble planters like the Venosa Marble High Relief Planter can be made to your specifications and are a splendid feature thatadds a touch of grandeur to both residential and commercial settings.

The perfect centerpiece for a meticulously-manicured garden or within a stunningly-designed courtyard, this marble fixture can be adorned with lush foliage and flowers to further illuminate the exterior look of your property.

Melfi Fluted Urn Planter

Melfi Fluted Urn Planter

If you love the look of big, tall decorative elements, then freshen up your outdoor space with our Melfi Fluted Urn Planter.

This Roman-style ornamental marble piece will enhance the layout of your landscape when lined on the side of your walkway or along a stone wall.

Whether you’re keeping your outdoor scheme minimalist, classical, or contemporary, it is sure to inject fluid beauty and welcome guests with style.

Classic Pedestal Column Base

Classic Pedestal Column Base

Lush gardens with ornate planters like our Classic Pedestal Column Base are abrilliant way to show off your distinctive taste.

This decorative marble planter will make a majestic focal point for a large courtyard, front entrance, or expansive landscape.

Standing on a marble column base greatly accentuates its stately and regal presence. And with enough room to accommodate all types of greenery, this planter is sure to add a refined touch to the outdoors.