April 10, 2022 Author: Admin

5 Reasons Why Marble Statues and Sculptures Matter in Residential Interior Design

Marble structure of watering plants

Incorporating marble statues and sculptures in residentialinterior design may seem luxurious to many.But there’s a lot more to these statement-making pieces than just using them solely for aesthetics.

At Marblising, our sculptures and statues have a very profound impact onhome design.

Whether you fancy a marble animal sculpture, a buddha statue, or modern abstract art; these lust-worthy works not only set you apart from the rest, but they also make for distinctive art pieces with meaning.

From showcasing your unique style and adding personality to creating a striking focal point and injecting textural dimension, they can convey many things.

With that in mind, in this article, we share 5 reasons why marble statues and sculptures matter in residential interior design.

They showcase your unique style

Garden with marble structures

Our stylish marble statues and sculptures, regardless of size anddesign form, never fail to make a statement, especially in places devoid of true beauty.

Marble art pieces have a distinct flair and are a fantastic way to showcase your unique style.

No matter classic, minimalist, contemporary or playful, finding the right piece that aligns with your design preference will not only elevate the quality of your everyday life but will also pull the overall aesthetic of your home together and bring it to life.

The right size serves as a stunning focal point

2.The right size serves as a stunning focal point

When designing a home, both the interior and exterior require a focal point that will instantly capture the eye and draw it to a defining feature or area.

When positioned appropriately, marble statues and sculptures are the most enduring, elegant, and eclectic showpieces that can be used as the emphasis point around which you build the rest of your design.

Better yet, they possess an enchanting and timeless beauty that’s hard to ignore—one that leaves a memorable impression even on the most discerning connoisseurs of design.

A high-polished figurative marblestatue can become the star of your entrance hall and set the tone for how you design the rest of your space.

Similarly, choosing the right spot for a marble fountain showcase in the garden can help define it as the focal point that gives your exterior environment much-needed personality and charisma.

Ideally, you may want to add extra details, however subtle, around the dominant focal point to ensure eyes always fall where they’re supposed to.And whenever possible, consider a lighting scheme that will beautifully illuminate and accentuate the piece even further.

They provide an instant color palette

3.They provide an instant color palette

Too often in interior design, marble statues and sculptures are seen as the finishing touch in the creation of a complete space.

This, however, isn’t always the case—sculptures are an amazing design opportunity, and the right marble piece, whether in an abstract form or a combination of figurative components, can be enough to provide for the entire space.

A well-chosen statue or sculpture can create harmony in a space all on its own, and the space itself can be altered to enhance the expressive potential of the marble piece in question.

If we considerthe environment in terms of color, an artful compositioncan determine the standard palette for all the other objects that will coexist in the same space.

For example, a white marble sculpture can define the direction you choose to take with your overall color scheme—offering an easy choice between subdued or vibrant. Both color schemes will equally complement a white marble piece perfectly.

They bring a sense of texture, depth, and dimension

4.They bring a sense of texture, depth, and dimension

Allow our sculptures to take center stage and bring vibrancy to your home!

Larger-than-life statement marble pieces can introduce a sense of texture, depth, and extra dimension to your interior design scheme provided your home has the space to pull off a hefty showcase.

If you’re hesitant about incorporatinglarge marble statuesor sculptures but still love the sophisticated and stylistic flair they lend to both interior and exterior spaces, then lean towards smaller statement pieces to achieve the same impact.

When coupled up with other design elements in varying shapesand colors, they can meet your desire to infuse visual weight into the scheme of things.

Marble sculptures and statues, whether large or small-scale, can be used to determine the type of atmosphere you wish to evoke.

Regarding textural play, marble sculptural pieces with a slightly rough finish are more likely to exude a grounded vibe while polished textures impart a sleeker tone.

They make the room (or exterior space) appear finished

5.They make the room (or exterior space) appear finished

A well-put-together space is far from feeling rough around the edges or unfinished.

While a marble statue or sculpture doesn’t have to be the last piece of the puzzle, it can however be the one design element that seals the deal and pulls a space together—making it feel unified and complete.

Simply put, it is the extra touch that’s necessary for any interior design project, and can instantly transform your home into a more collected and elegant sanctuary.

Final thought

Marble statues and sculptures effortlessly find their place in different style genres, making them an essential part of interior design.

Whether you are designing a new home or adding to your current decor scheme, our marble pieces can be the focal point needed for your space to stand out.

You can also simply incorporate a work of art to bring depth and dimension, as well as complete the look and feel of your overall aesthetic.