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7 Things To Know Before You Install Marbles In Your Home

Marble is one of those timeless stones that has been used – tastefully – for eons.

There are numerous stylish ways you can incorporate Marble into home décor to drastically transform your property’s appearance with its subtle shine and sophistication.


subtle shine and sophistication


Despite its opulence, Marble is also long-lasting and easy to maintain. You can commonly find it used in “wet” areas like kitchens and bathrooms, where frequent water splashes can be wiped away without causing damage. 

So, if you’re considering adding this exotic material to your home design, read on to find out the things you should know before installing Marble.



Marbles come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Marble tiles range from small 2-inch by 2-inch squares to massive 6-foot by 8-foot slabs and can be utilized for various purposes. Marble quality can also be affected by its surface design and density.

 Also, the contrasting color lines that run through the surface, referred to as veining, can be dense and prominent or delicate and barely noticeable. 

As there are many variations to pick from, it’s almost impossible not to find the one that perfectly fits your space!


Shine or no shine?

The marble types mentioned above can be finished with either a high gloss or a matte look, depending on what best suits your interest.

The high-gloss finish is attained by grinding the surface with a stone-polishing machine. The marble’s veining is also brought out by polishing, giving the space Marble uses a bright sumptuous appearance. 

With proper care, polished marble will keep its reflective finish for many years.


Glossy finish
Glossy finish ©pinterest


Matte finish
Matte finish ©pinterest


The honed Marble, the one with the matte finish, is also polished, just enough to create a flat, sleek surface but not enough to produce a glossy shine.

Regardless of their differences, they are both popular among people. Matte Marble is most commonly used for flooring as it is less slippery than polished marble.

On the other hand, honed marble is also more susceptible to stains because of less to no coating, making it essential to clean up spills immediately.


Don’t DIY unless you hold experience.


If you’re familiar with basic tile-laying techniques, you can save a lot of money by installing your own marble flooring, just as one can with ceramic and porcelain tiles. 

But, if you’ve never laid tiles before, you’ll want to hire a professional tile setter to do it for you. This way, you’ll save a lot of time and avoid the hassle of messing up the installation if you try to do it yourself.

If you are still not convinced and decide to do the DIY project yourself, go ahead! Just be sure you have all of the info you’ll need before getting started.


What does sealing do?


Although Marble is a beautiful stone on its own, there are various reasons why marble sealing has become commonplace in our floors and countertops.

When correctly applied, a Marble sealer performs as a protective barrier against foreign bodies from staining your marble.


Marble performs as protective barrier


On the other extreme, slapping a marble sealer on a marble floor or countertop blindly could backfire. That’s right.

Every stone is unique, and you must handle it with caution before applying a natural stone sealer to determine whether it is suitable for use.




While Marble is a durable material, it does require care and attention to retain its beauty.

For instance, avoid acidic substances on marbles. It can eat away your marble’s top layer, making them slowly lose their shine.

If you’re interested in providing the right care for your marbles, you need to keep in mind certain dos and don’ts to ensure your marbles never fail to impress!

Also keep an eye out for myths on marble maintenance! Don’t make it complex, keep it simple when it comes to taking precautions & caring for your marbles.


Heat Resistance


Marble surfaces are incredibly resistant to heat, which is why they are preferred in outdoor decors and kitchens. Surprisingly these natural stones can withstand prolonged exposure to heat.

The same when you put them in your bathroom, styling tools do not cause damage while they heat on the bathroom’s countertop surface either.




Every natural marble is unique, and the odds of finding an exact match are slim to none.




But that’s the beauty of it. Isn’t it? There’s no way to duplicate the same marble pattern, making your design truly one-of-a-kind!

So, that’s it!

If you’ve made it this far, we’re confident you’re eager to start adding marbles into your home.

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