Posted on: June 17, 2021

Fireplaces Marble


There’s nothing better than cozying up in the blanket next to a toasty fire on a cold and refreshing evening. 

Be it your outdoor space or living room; a Fireplace will bring you the comfort and warmth you’re looking for.


Marble Indoors Decors


So if you’re planning to get a new hearth to your space or need the inspiration to revamp your existing decor, a Marble Fireplace is a perfect way out.

 Marble is one of the most sought-after natural stones used for home decors. Being both durable and elegant, it becomes an ideal fit for any home. 

 Whether it is a complete Marble Fireplace surround or Fireplace Mantle, the natural stone will be able to withstand the heat and look astounding.


Marble Fireplace Decor


Take a look at these trendy Fireplace ideas, curated for you by the team of Marblising.


Framed Fireplace: If you want to capture the classic elegance of Marble, consider using a Marble frame to get there

It acts as a Marble Mantel covering the top of your Fireplace and running down to your floor.


Marble Interior Decors


Carved-in FireplaceA well-carved fireplace serves as the center of attraction in any space. A Marble Fireplace looks extremely beautiful when the intricate layering of the stone is combined with meticulously carved textures. 

This design is reminiscent of the ancient Greek that once seized historian’s hearts – and still does.


Double Fireplace Decors


Antique Fireplace:  No Fireplace to adorn? Try adding an antique Marble Mantel to set up a faux Fireplace on your wall. 

Antique Marble Mantels perfectly complement traditional interiors. 

Though it’s feasible to furnish an existing Fireplace with an antique Mantel, it is suggested to consider antique Marbles during a new Fireplace’s design phase.




Tiled Fireplace:  Pairs of Marble tiles installed in L-shape patterns present a modern appearance that goes well with any room’s wood furnishing. 

Envisage black Marble tiles aligned on edge accented with a crafted Mantel. 


Marble Wall and Fireplace


Floor-to-ceiling Fireplace:  Fireplaces are considered to be relatively small, and they often are. But divergent options abound, too. 

To make a striking statement, pick up a Fireplace that runs from floor to ceiling, wrapping part of your wall in sophisticated Marble.


Marble Walls Fireplace


Stylish Shapes: Let the shape of your Fireplace inspire the rest of your room. 

If your Mantel is rectangular and the Fireplace is square, mirror those straight lines with parallel chairs, tables and elegant rugs. 

To add a little contrast, grace your Mantel with a circular mirror and infuse stools into the mix.


Decors Marble


Striking Striations: If you are considering going bold with your selection, choose High-Contrast Marble

Your incredible high-contrast Marble Fireplace, when adorned with an equally stunning mirror, becomes the focal point. 

So go bold with your choice without overwhelming your space.


Marble Decor Walls


Textured Fireplace:  Accent pieces can bring out the natural texture of your Fireplace. Striations of Marble echoed with antique pieces is an absolute treat to the eyes while paying homage to the lining of your Mantel.


Decor Wall Fireplace


Adding a Marble Fireplace to your interiors transforms your space into a sophisticated and a whole hibernation-worthy paradise. 

 And who doesn’t want that?

 So if you already have a Fireplace or dreaming of adding one to your space, you’re sure to find something to love at Marblising.

Check out our exhaustive list of Marble Fireplaces now!


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