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About us

About Us

Welcome to the creative world of Marblising.

In business since 2006, we are the leading marble art distributors in the Middle East..

Inspired by marble sculptures and architecture the world over, Marblising focuses on bringing bespoke designs that provide a luxurious ambience to any home or project. 

Marblising’s team of highly experienced skilled artisans specialise in fine decorative custom marble sculptures, planters, water features, furnishings, garden decor, marble statues and modern art.

Our collaboration of sculptors, artists, architects, designers, and contractors enables Marblising to provide a one stop solution from design concept to on-site fitting. custom made hand crafted marble and natural stone sculptures. 

For any inquiries or additional information on how the Marblising team can provide the right solution for your requirements, please contact us on +971 55 2468 000

Our Art is in Palaces, Luxury Hotels and One-Off homes, what are you waiting for?

    If I have something in mind, How can we build a proof of concept before I place the order?

    The first step involves understanding the customer’s desired result. Then factoring in space, access, budget, and time suggestions are made from an extensive selection of pictures we have on hand. For a bespoke experience our customers have the chance to work alongside our artists while preparing drawings that are then rendered using our design software.This helps the customer visualize the end result.

    How long does the whole process take from the time we start conceptualizing to delivery of my product?

    Most of our product range can be delivered safely to any destination in the world within a span of 6 weeks. We have had clients walk in and submit detailed drawings or actual photographs of their requirement. Crafting, transport, and installation was discussed and finalized within the hour

    What is the maintenance policy on these products?

    Our marble blocks have been well exposed to the elements before we begin production. In most cases when it comes to planters, statutory, or indoor pieces all that is required is a regular clean and polish. However products such as fountains, sculptures, and benches if exposed to severe extremes will need additional care with the help of products available at most local hardware stores that help with water repulsion and discoloration on natural stone.

    Outside UAE, Who is responsible for delivering and installing this product?

    In business since 2007, we have had the opportunity to work with local fit-out, contracting and landscaping companies in various cities where our products now reside. This helps with us providing recommendations for transport, installation, and future maintenance with reliable partners.

    What are your product offerings?

    You think we make it happen. That is the world of custom design marble carving. Over the years from classic design to contemporary centerpieces we have successfully catered to a varied clientele. Marble sculptures are enjoyed by generations to come so we encourage our customers to get creative and our skilled craftsmen help them realize the vision.

    Where is your marble sourced from?

    Our blocks are sourced from some of the biggest quarries in Asia. This helps keep our costs low which in turn passes on the saving to our customers. Go ahead try us out for a quote

    Are you in compliance with Fair Labour Standards?

    Yes. Our stringent  standards have ensured that our employees are working in the safest conditions at all times. Many of our practices have been adopted by fellow and competing business owners over the years. In addition we have established roots and help out with local initiatives that not only help our employees but also their local communities

    Is your work hand made or machine made?

    All of our products are hand crafted with the assistance of powered hand tools. How can I see production updates? – Our standard practice is to provide weekly photo and video updates throughout the process.

    Are your products for Outdoor or Indoor purposes?

    Indoor and Outdoor purposes. The only thing that changes is the maintenance for it.

    Do you have a in-house design team to help us with our needs?

    Yes we do. In addition our design team has also had the exposure to installation at our clients site which helps them make suggestions from real time experiences.

    For your Fountain products, do you provide plumbing & contracting solutions?

    Yes we do. We make careful recommendations when it comes to fountain and pool installations as water management is a big concern. Any mistakes made during contracting ends up with maintenance woes for clients for years to come. Infact careful consideration to contracting and budgeting is required when working with fountains. Over the years our experience over multiple client sites in various conditions has given us a good overview and foresight to help make the right recommendations throughout.

    How long have you been catering these products to the GCC market?

    In business since 2007 we have had the opportunity to collaborate with homeowners, architects, interior designers, landscaping, and contracting companies the world over and have come a long way to earning a stellar reputation when it comes to creating one of a kind bespoke art.

    For commercial projects, do you provide solutions as per the project need?

    Yes we do. Through the years of dealing with after sales experiences of our clients, we can confidently make recommendations and solutions based on the project’s need.

    Marbilising is part of Alling Group of Companies. The initiative we have taken to offset our carbon footprint is to contribute a portion of our profit to foundations like One Tree Planted.

    Why choose Marblising?

    When working with us you will be dealing with a well experienced team who not only understand these products but also the client’s lifestyle. We are a group of individuals who have had the opportunity to have these products installed in our homes and offices. Through the process of ownership we are exposed to installation, maintenance, and care of these products and as a result have an abundance of information to help out with.

    How do I get in touch ?

    Please call, text or send out an email. And we will get in touch right away.


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    9677 S. Luna St. Amityville, NY 11701

    Open daily: 09am ‒ 07pm

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    9677 S. Luna St. Amityville, NY 11701

    Open daily: 09am ‒ 07pm

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    9677 S. Luna St. Amityville, NY 11701

    Open daily: 09am ‒ 07pm

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