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Around The World With 7 Iconic Fountains

How would you describe a fountain? 

Would you call it majestic? Or maybe elegant is the right word? Perhaps it’s a well-designed structure that timely splashes water to bring out charm and delight to its viewers. 

Nevertheless we often find ourselves being fascinated by fountains. It’s indeed a treat to the eye! 

Originally, fountains were exclusively functional, they were connected to springs that provided water for multi-purposes like drinking and bathing for the town’s residents.  

The first-ever example of a fountain was found in Mesopotamia dated around 3000 BC. This consisted of a series of basins that made use of a natural spring. 

Most fountains until the 19th century worked with the help of gravity alone; that is, they needed a water source higher than the fountain to jet into the air. 

Fast-track to now, fountains have evolved and are mainly used for decorative purposes because of underground plumbing. Be it cities, parks or to honour individuals and events, fountains have made their place through history and are still standing tall.


Pierre-Louis FERRER
©️Pierre-Louis FERRER – Own work


From ancient to musical fountains, the rise of fountains proves that it stands as an artistic creation that serves as a symbol of joy and peace. 

Think of it like this, the sound of running water in a scenic setting has always been a sign of calmness and relief. It instantly induces a stress-free and quiet situation. 

So why wouldn’t anyone want to just sit back and watch a fountain? Well, we personally think that must be listed as a favourite activity! 

Now that we have established that fountains make fantastic structures let us look at 7 famous fountains that are a must-see. At least virtually!


1. Trevi Fountain (Rome, Italy)

We solemnly swore to keep this first on our list. Now you may ask why? 

Simply because the Fontana di Trevi is known as the most stunning fountain to exist in Rome. Have a look at it for yourself.


ⓒ www.wallpapercave.com


The white marble fountain stands 85 feet tall and is almost 65 feet wide, built from Travertine and Carrara marble. That’s massive if you ask us! 

A fun fact about this fountain is that many people toss coins in it as a sign of good luck. This tradition was popularized after the 1945 romantic comedy, Three Coins in the Fountain. And so, many coins glisten through the crystal blue waters.

It happens to be one of the oldest water sources and is named in honour of a young Roman girl who guided thirsty soldiers to drink from the spring source. The fountain depicts a sea scene with statues that represent abundance and well-being. Impressive, isn’t it? 

Before you get too immersed with The Trevi, let’s move on to the next one.


2. The Cascada (Barcelona, Spain)

Barcelona is known for its exemplary array of outdoor art and inevitably The Cascada  

(waterfall of Cascade in Spanish) happens to be a favourite.

Situated in Citadel Park, this Baroque-style fountain is entirely something to look out for. It’s a large-scale fountain that resembles a waterfall, in which the water flows from the upper pavilion. 

Bernard Gagnon
Ⓒ Bernard Gagnon – Own work


This fountain is said to be a rival of the Trevi. It consists of oversized crabs, Roman Goddesses like Venus, Aurora and other mythological characters. Indeed a remarkable sight! 


3. The Apollo Fountains (Paris, France)

We all know Paris is considered a charming city, and so we had to mention the Apollo Fountains on our list. 

Situated in the Palace of Versailles, the Fountain of Apollo is a depiction of the Greek sun God Apollo rising from the sea in his four-horse chariot.


James Byard
ⓒ Photo by James Byard


How do you make a fountain out of imagery like that? 

This was based on the theme of “dawn” which was famous around the time. During the summer, this fountain is said to be a delight to watch. 

It graciously captures an essence of the Greek Mythology period and skillfully narrates the great story life of Apollo. 

Interestingly, a replica of this was created in Taiwan at the Chimei Museum.


4. The Mustangs Of Las Colinas (Texas, USA)

A breathtakingly realistic bronze sculpture: The Mustangs of Las Colinas, is a depiction of nine wild mustangs bolting across a stream. They were essential inhabitants of Texas and are meant to represent the free lifestyle of Texas during its initial days.


ⓒ www.irvingsarchivesandmuseum.com


These Mustangs are seen running through a watercourse with the fountains giving the effect of water splash by the animals’ foot. 

The idea itself is fascinating; to see it come to life is something else. 


5. The Fountain of Wealth (Singapore)

Located in Singapore’s largest shopping mall, Suntec City, this enormous bronze ring is the earth’s largest fountain! It is designed based on the Hindu Mandala, which means universe.


ⓒ Pinterest


The fountain aims to promote equality of all races and religions. As a symbol of wealth and life, it makes a perfect structure for unity and oneness. 

Looks like we all need a mini-sized version of the Fountain Of Wealth in our homes!


6. The Fountains Of Bellagio (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Next on the list is “The Fountains Of Bellagio.” This one will need all the drum rolls and cheering because it is magnificent and heavily popularized. 

With water, music and lights, the Bellagio fountains deliver choreographed routines and stage performances, leaving anybody who watches it in awe.


ⓒ www.bellagio.mgmresorts.com


Bellagio is a luxurious resort famous for its casino, and the fountain happens to be between the strip and the resort. The water shoots up to a height of 460 feet! That’s really high in our opinion.

However, the Dubai Bay fountain surpassed this height and seems to have won the race.


7. The Dubai Bay Fountain (Dubai)

Last but not least, the most extensive choreographed fountain system- The Dubai Bay Fountain. 

This is set on the 30 acres manmade Burj Khalifa Lake and is 902 feet long and splashes water up to 500 feet! 

Frankly, those numbers are really impressive! 

Dubai is known for its “state-of-the-art architecture,” and the Fountain just adds to its grandiosity.


ⓒ www.thrillophilia.com


Among the many things that make a fountain, its aesthetic appeal lies entirely in how beautiful it looks to each person. 

That’s all the fountain talk we have, folks! 

Wait a minute! 

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