Posted on: July 22, 2021

We are all aware that Marble has been used to create long-lasting public art and structures, which have survived to show that Marble is ideal for stunning garden designs for thousands of years.

For instance, take Trajan’s Column, one of ancient Rome’s greatest aesthetic masterpieces. It was carved out of Carrara marble in the second century AD, and its magnificent carvings are still visible today, which is two thousand years later. Interesting, isn’t it?

However, you don’t have to worry about your outside garden design; you can be assured that your marble fountains or statues will!


All about Marble

When limestone is subjected to high pressure and heat, it transforms into a denser, sediment-free rock known as Marble. The bronze veins in many marbles represent the leftovers of impurities from the limestone, whereas pure Marble is dazzling white.


Marble is dazzling white
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Because Marble is a more delicate stone that is relatively easy to carve, Marble statues and architectural components like balustrades and pillars can have intricate carving. That is why marble sculptures are great for incorporating into your lovely garden environment. 

Let’s look at the standard precautions to consider when taking care of exterior Marble pieces.


Marble Cleaning

It is necessary to clean them with a bit of detergent now and again, depending on how exposed they are to external weather. This will keep them looking excellent.

Acidic cleaners, like lemon juice, should be avoided at all costs because they will eat into the stone. Use a sealant to prevent moisture from seeping into the rock, where it could freeze and create cracks.

Apart from this recurrent maintenance, the marble sculptures, fountains, and architectural pieces are low-maintenance. Because of this, you get stunning, long-lasting additions to your landscape design in return.


Marble in Garden

If you ever want to incorporate Marble pieces into your garden, installing a backyard fountain is one of the best ways.


Marble pieces into your garden
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You can appreciate the view of a sleek modern sculpture or an intricately decorated classical fountain all year long. 

The fountain is a magnetic element in the winter landscape, even in a cold region where it is essential to stop the water from flowing.  


Did you know? 

The Fountain of Neptune in Florence, Italy, is one example of a long legacy of marble fountains, which is still stunning today. It was constructed in 1565! Fascinating, right?

Marble statues are a familiar sight in gorgeous garden settings all over the world. 

You won’t have to worry about rain or snow falling on your statue because the moisture will flow off if the surface is coated. 

The inclusion of marble landscape fountains, sculptures, and other architectural components in an exterior garden design can be pretty beneficial.

You can be confident that one of our marble pieces of art will bring about an atmosphere of uniqueness to your garden or landscape for decades to come. 

It is the same way as how ancient Greeks and Romans relied on Marble for its ease of cutting and its durability to the elements. 

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