Posted on: April 30, 2021

How beautiful are fountains sprawled across a beautiful landscape? 

From the fountains of Bellagio in Vegas and the Trevi fountain to The Dubai fountain, Fountains have proven to be an extraordinary sight of beauty, creativity and vision.

Marble has always been a brilliant companion in the creation of popular fountains of the world.

But what is the reason behind mankind’s love for fountains?

According to Vastu Shastra, human beings are not distinct from nature but linked to the Earth as part of an intertwined life system. Water is what brings life to our world , and holds it’s position as one of the most elements of Vastu, Feng shui and metaphysics. Water has long been associated with authority and power. The mind has shown elevated levels of calmness and control with a constant water source nearby.




A Water Fountain near or in a household or an office is always a beneficial placement because it is believed that the constant flow of water represents the ever present and moving energy of the universe. Its true nature speaks to movement and the rhythm of life. It encourages the mind and body to abstain from stagnation, embrace constant improvement and not compete needlessly in life. Flowing water will relieve pressures and encourage the surrounding life force’s vibrations to reach us and nourish our aura. If adequately added, the water factor will make a difference in the environment, atmosphere and nature of any area it is placed in. 

What makes Marblising so special, though?

Marble water fountains that are made at Marblising hold a special blend of pure consumer customization, artistic excellence and of the highest quality Marble.

Readily accessible today and pure natural marbles that can be specially hand-carved for you by our master craftsmen!

Come, let us show you! 

Here are four different Marble Water Fountains at Marblising that is guaranteed to change the way you look at a streaming source of water!


Fountain Garden




Marble Garden Fountains have always had an enchanting and mysterious influence on the world due to their sheer elegance and intricacy. These high quality Marble water fountains bring a royal look to any garden and add a touch of vibrancy in it’s blend with nature. 

At Marblising, various designs of Marble Garden fountains may be designed, conceived, and constructed to match any garden or green space.


Indoor Fountains




Indoor Marble water fountains at Marblising are designed in traditional and historic Indian styles, with a mix of royalty and elegance in every piece. Marble or stone fountains are always a sight in India’s historic sites, such as forts, palaces, Havelis, etc. 

Due to the country’s tropical hot climate, water fountains are still part of the royal families’ home décor. This is mainly because of the country’s hot climate, the marble fountains provide relief from the weather due to the constant flow of water and the usage of Marble, which is known for its cooling properties. 

Check out the range of Indoor fountains at Marblising! 


Outdoor Fountains




Place a fountain on every patio or outdoor area and immediately improve the environment by adding charm and tranquility. Elegance is applied to the distinctive look and design of the fountain. If the spray is positioned in the garden or to the corner, it adds a certain charm that strengthens the surrounding environment. 

Fountains are often placed outside, and they can serve to bring a sense of peace to the surroundings. The continuous flow of the water has a distinctive sound that is calming and soothing.

Look at Marblising’s extensive collection of Outdoor fountains and get started on improving your outdoor space right away!


Wall Fountain




The Wall fountain is the perfect choice if you choose to install a water element in your home or workspace and encounter a lack of free space. Stone wall fountains are very lightweight and blend excellently into the decor of a home or an office.

Unlike fountains that fire or spray water, a wall fountain pushes water down a flat front surface in a cascade. Decorative wall fountains bring an esthetic appeal to their surroundings.

At Marblising, we have the option of customized wall fountains to uplift your surroundings, environment and atmosphere!

There you are,

Marble water fountains that are an example of elegance, royalty and master craftsmanship! 

See Marblising for more!



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