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How Much Does a Giant Fountain Cost?

How Much Does a Giant Fountain Cost?

What’s the price of a giant fountain? That question has likely crossed many people’s minds, and it does not have a simple answer. The cost of a giant fountain can vary greatly depending on size, materials, type, and installation requirements. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what goes into the cost of a giant fountain and provide some examples of how much they can vary in price. So, if you’re curious about how much a giant fountain costs – read on!

Factors Affecting The Cost of Fountains

Fountains are usually priced on two or three factors: the size of the fountain, the type of fountain (indoor or outdoor), and the materials used to construct it.


The most obvious factor is the size of the fountain being installed. Fountains come in many sizes, from small fountains that can be placed on a desk to large fountains that could fill an entire room. The more space a fountain takes up, the more expensive its installation will be.


Just as important as size is whether a fountain is intended for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor fountains often require substantially more material than indoor fountains and thus can be more expensive to install. Outdoor fountains also have to protect their plumbing from being exposed to the elements, which often requires additional layers of protection to be added.


Finally, different materials may cost more or less depending on their availability in your area and how much work they require to be installed correctly. This may vary from area to area; what’s inexpensive in one place might be quite expensive in another.

Cost of Fountains by Size

The size of the fountain you select has a huge impact on the overall cost. Small, self-contained rock fountains start at $125; big marble fountains may cost up to $10,000. The measurements are taken from the broadest points of the fountain body.

Small (34” max) $125 – $1,000
Medium (35”- 62”) $400 – $3,500
Large (63” – 100”) $1,000 – $10,000

Cost of a Fountain by Material

There are several fountain materials to choose from, and each has an effect on the price. Homeowners often choose durable materials to endure outside exposure while remaining within their budget. Resin and fiberglass, as well as concrete, are the cheapest materials. However, there are other materials with unique aesthetics.

While marble and copper are more costly than most other materials, they each have a distinct aesthetic that may provide significant visual appeal. The table below consists of the most often used materials for fountains, along with their average prices:

Rock $150 – $2,000
Concrete $300 – $2,500
Resin or plastic $100 – $600
Fiberglass $100 – $1,500
Copper $500 – $7,000
Glass $350 – $6,000
Ceramic $150 – $3,000
Slate $400 – $2,500
Stone $500 – $6,000
Marble $600 – $10,000

Types of Fountains and Their Prices

Aside from selecting a material for your fountain, there are other styles to choose from. All available are simple tabletop fountains, wall mounted fountains, birdbaths, and huge cascading fountains within lush gardens. There is nothing more soothing than the sound of water running, no matter what type of fountain you choose.

Bird Bath $60-$1,000
Tier $170-$5,000
Waterfall fountain $160-$6,000
Cascading fountain $160- $3,000
Wall (hanging) $150-$1,000
Japanese $140-$200
Self-contained fountain $130-$2,500
Fire and water fountain $300-$7,000
Glass Sheet $400-$1,800
Disappearing /Pond less $330-$900
Wall (freestanding) $600-$1,200
Spouting fountain $100-$1,300

Additional Factors to Consider and Costs

WATER SOURCE: If you do not like to manually fill your fountain with a garden hose, an auto-fill system is an option. A pressure pipe near the fountain must be installed to supply water to the unit. One may be installed by a landscaping contractor.

POWER SUPPLY: A 110V outlet is required to operate a fountain. If no safe GFI outlet is available nearby, you may need to run a new line. This needs an electrician, and the cost of the conduit and other associated materials may be as costly as the fountain itself.

AUTOFILL: Where water lines are accessible, a simple autofill system may keep your fountain filled and running without you having to raise a finger.

TRANSPORT: Delivery of exceptionally large/heavy concrete or stone fountains may incur extra charges.

INSTALLATION: Your landscaping contractor may charge an extra fee for setting and leveling your fountain and connecting the fountain’s water supply lines.

Water Fountains: Store-bought vs. Custom

Store-bought fountains are often far less expensive than custom-made versions. However, having your fountain custom constructed allows you to make one-of-a-kind design choices and build a fountain that is precisely suited to your intended site. 

Custom price is very flexible and is determined by your size, material, style, and unique design details. Expect to spend at least $1,000 on custom-made small fountains.

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