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Ideas for Marble Decor: Get the Luxurious Look

Marble is a mineral that for millennia has been around. It is commonly used in towers, sculptures, and temples. It includes some of the most majestic structures globally, including the Taj Mahal, the Duomo of Florence, and the Memorial of Washington. Marble furniture has also been a common characteristic of interior design since the ’70s, whether on flooring, kitchen countertops, or bathrooms, and its prominence is only growing. We discuss several distinct ways to incorporate the must-have material into your house, from lavish marble flooring to marble-effect home accessories.


Accessories for House


Marble has esteem for being one of the priciest products to use in interior design, but you can still achieve the luxury look without a hefty investment. From the bedroom to the bathroom, add trendy lighting, tableware, and other decorative accessories. For a fresh take on Scandi style, contrast a marble-effect dinner package with a rustic, exposed-wood dining table or finish your bathroom scheme with marble accessories to add a bit of luxury without the effort. In the kitchen, though offering a discreet nod to the coveted fashion and in the dressing room, a marble chopping board will fit perfectly into your current decor; an antique trinket tray will have the ideal place to hold your treasures.

Marble Decor 2

Flooring Marble


Marble flooring, coveted for its elegance and elegant finish, brings grandeur to every room. Marble is also an adamant stone with beautiful natural markings that compliment any bathroom or kitchen interiors, despite not being as resilient as granite. Ensure that you can maintain the meticulous upkeep needed to keep it looking its best before investing in marble flooring.


Marble is a very porous stone if left unprotected and is vulnerable to soaking up stains, so whether you prefer a honed or polished finish, prolonging its lifespan would take extra care. Marble flooring can be affected by gravel, grit, and sand, so the surface is also dust moped to rid the area of abrasive materials. Using a gentle detergent or stone soap for more in-depth washing, avoid using acidic chemicals, such as a traditional bathroom or kitchen cleaners, and use only non-abrasive pads to prevent scraping the floorboard.

Marble Decor 3


Statement Walls


Marble can transform a room, and if you dedicate an entire wall to a stone, this is particularly true. Be brave and remove the natural material from the prominent places, the bathroom and kitchen, and put it with marble effect wallpaper in bedrooms, dining rooms, and even the living room.


Effortlessly converting any space into a work of art, the crisp white hues of marble and natural veining provide a wide range of schemes with the perfect backdrop. A marble wall utilized to add a touch of glamour to your home, from minimalist to industrial interiors, immediately raising it with a striking focal point.

Look for cool whites and grays across to keep the scheme minimal, and break up the look with your statement wall. Dark emerald and navy contrast beautifully against the soft white hues of marble for a touch of glam and introduce plush velvet furniture in pale pinks and greens for a look that is easily on trend for the finishing communication.

Marble Decor 4


Go Glam 


Marble, a stone of unabashed elegance, is suitable for embellishing with other opulent touches. Pair marble with a host of deluxe textures to create a look that is effortlessly glam while adding a cozy element to your scheme, from sumptuously soft velvets to the finest furs.

Metals are the best friends of marble, and anything goes with warm tones; think of gold, copper, or brass. Do not overpower the room with too many luxury metals to keep the look refined, but look at marble furniture with gilded gold edges, decorative trays, and elegant vases that beautifully marry the two materials.

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