May 27, 2021 Author: Admin

6 Ways Marble Is Used In Modern Interior Design

There is something about Marble; it carries this wow factor that practically nobody can afford to miss out on. 

The ancient Greeks, the Romans appreciated it, Old world artisans were particular about its properties, and now the modern-day architects find many ways to instill it in homes! 

Because of its pleasing status and ability to shift and adjust to changing fashions, it can never go out of style. 


changing fashions marbles


Marble today has been used for numerous designs.From fireplaces, floors, and backsplashes to lamps, bowls, and artwork, you’ll be surprised to see how Marble has taken over the architectural world. 

And so, we have put down a few unique ways Marble is being used in the contemporary world! 

1. Marble Kitchen Islands

Countertops are a great choice when it comes to designing a kitchen. However, if you’re considering a switch, then adding a kitchen island marble countertop on. 




This will make it stand out and give you a beautiful centerpiece in the room. 


2. Marble Table

Shifting your regular Coffee table with a Marble one just makes an intriguing comment and serves as an elegant accent to your house. You can get tables that have a simple Marble top or customize them.


Marble Table


3. Fireplace Addition

If you don’t want to install a complete Marble fireplace, consider fitting Marble tiles around the fireplace to style it. The biggest pro about Marble is that it can withstand heat and is low maintenance. 

Marble Fireplace


The fireplace will look more classic and warm with Marble around it.


4. Marble Patios

Marble floors are trendy, and using this natural stone for your patio will complement your garden and seating area.


Marble Patios


We might be biased, but Marble seems to go with everything! Even adding a hint of Marble can revamp the whole look of any place. 


5. Marble Lamps

Say what? 

Marble lamps have a huge advantage compared to other lights. They defuse and expand light so that the brightness reaches farther wherever they are placed.




Marble lamps are sure to brighten up your interiors!


6. Marble Bathtubs

Marble is a natural water-resistant stone, and it is highly preferred in bathrooms. A Marble bathtub is sure to add a biblical style to a contemporary built bathroom. 


Marble Bathtubs


If properly designed, Marble will look gorgeous anywhere. It offers a timeless charm and can make any room look spacious. 

The vibrant texture can enhance your interiors and bring out a luxe feel. Because Marble is softer, it is easily customizable. You can choose a variety of unique designs to make your interiors stand out. 

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