July 20, 2021 Author: Admin

Custom Marble Artwork In Landscape Design

Who doesn’t love a personalized touch in a product they desire? 

At the end of the day, finding value through exclusivity or specificity is what we strive for!

Isn’t it?

That is why, at Marblising, we assist clients in finding their ideal marble products.

Because while you want your home to look classy, getting what you want may seem like a trial. 

And believe us, our customized marble statues, planters, and fountains have graced numerous home interiors.

Still, contemplating?

Let’s look at one of the projects we collaborated on:


Marblising Vase


A landscape contractor had cracked a massive deal and was looking to collaborate with a supplier for marble planters.

He visited our showroom and was impressed with our white marble planters.

Now here comes the climax!

There was another vendor in the picture. And the contractor was confused between both of us.

Can you guess why? Because their marble planter was available at a lower price. 

We were confident in our marble planters, and advised the customer to infuse the palace with both the marble planters.


Marblising Vase 2


While we had initially planned to leave the two competing planters overnight to give the family time to compare the two at their leisure, it took just minutes for the client to decide that our planter was the right choice, preferring the natural elegance of the white marble. 


Marblising Vase 3


Even though the price of our marble planter was comparatively higher, they understood its value and felt it would perfectly compliment the palace’s magnificence.

And guess what?

They requested to line up twenty marble planters outside the palace.


Marblising Vase 4


Isn’t it amazing?

So if you are planning to elevate the elegance of your living space with marble, we at Marblising can assure you that our beautiful marble products, such as planters, fountains, sculptures, and columns, are a perfect way out.


Marblising Vase 5


Whether you purchase one planter or twenty, a tiny wall fountain, or a multi-tiered installation, you can be confident that these marble products will spruce up your space!

Purchasing high-quality products, whether custom-made or from our catalog, is a sure bet!