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A Guide To Incorporating Marble Cherubs Into Your Home Design

Gone are the days when marble sculptures could only be admired in homes of wealthy art collectors or museums. It is time to make room for some stunning marble cherubs inside our own homes.

Marble cherubs in terms of home design are something we see in magazines all the time, but we rarely see them in the homes of our friends and family. 

Many people appear to be afraid of incorporating marble sculptures into their home decor because they consider them too artsy or don’t know what to do with them.


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They are considered as art pieces ideal for any interior, whether it is a formal work environment or an informal residential space. Accommodate them in the areas of your home which are vacant and starving for the real beauty of art and polished skill.

Great art can be challenging to come by, but a room is rarely complete until a statement-making piece finds its way inside. See how marble cherub pieces can help to make your home come to life with these ideas.


The perfect location

With the three-dimensional nature of sculpture, finding a suitable space to display may involve a bit more thought. It really should be placed where it can be viewed from multiple sides to maximize its visual impact.

You can also add a pedestal to help support the overall design of the statue and draw more attention.

There are also practical considerations when it comes to installing cherubs. The sculpture’s placement should not obstruct walking or other activities such as watching TV. Experiment with various setups before settling on the best location.

If a sculpture is ten inches tall or less, it should be displayed on a table or shelf. Large sculptures look best when placed in the centre of a room.


A group of cherubs

Cherubs can be used to create an elegant look in your living room or bedroom. Paired sculptures can be arranged in a foyer to give a hallway a commanding presence. Candles and vases can also be added to accent small figurines or large.


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It is absolutely fine to use several unrelated sculptures, but we suggest they catch the eye rather than simply fill up space. The sculpture arrangement should complement the overall appearance of  surrounding areas.

Think about how they will add visual interest to space before purchasing or arranging the pieces.


Try a theme

Place cherub groups according to a theme, era or type. For instance, you could group together cherubs associated with romance, such as cupid, or showcase a collection of Greek marble cherubs.

Cherub statues can add levity and light to any space, and they look excellent in a large bathroom or dressing area.

They also look lovely when paired with one or more of the other cherub statues that complement one another. Pair them with votive candles, flower arrangements, or even small heart-shaped sculptures to create a love theme, etc.


Accent pieces

Smaller cherubs should be treated as valuable accent pieces. For example, if you want to put one on a side table, make sure it has enough space on the table to be noticed, but balance it out with a complimentary lamp or stack of books.

If you plan on incorporating a collection of small sculptures, you could place them on a pedestal; just make sure they are at eye level.


The right lighting

Make sure to use the appropriate amount of light on and around the statues. Daylight and diffused lighting from multiple sources will draw attention to the pieces without masking their best features.

Any sculpture looks its best when it is free of shadows or when the shadows are subdued or gradual.




To highlight the features of transparent sculptures, place them on a lighted pedestal.

Another pro-tip is to avoid placing lights directly beneath a sculpture because it will give it an eerie, “horror movie” glow. And we certainly don’t want that! 

Don’t light the statue from behind, either, as this will hinder the visibility! 


Backyard art gallery

Cherubs can be displayed in a variety of ways in your garden or backyard. A mythological creature statue adds elegance to any backyard and makes an interesting conversation piece.


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Also, when selecting a statue, consider the style of your garden, as this can have a significant impact on the overall appearance.

If you are hesitant about incorporating large statues, but you still love that artsy vibe they bring into every space, then begin with smaller figurines like marble cherubs.

Not every sculpture has to be wide and tall to stand out. Sometimes smaller statues can be even more beautiful and eye-catching.

We hope you are now feeling inspired to factor in some gorgeous sculptures into your home. Why not start browsing for marble sculptures for your home today? We are confident you will find just the perfect ones that complement your space at marblising.