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A Guide To Choosing Your Marble Fountain

Lime Stone


The appeasing sound of flowing water has always been an attribute of beautiful gardens around the world. Not only does an enchanting fountain with water cascading down add beauty to any space, but also it makes the whole ambience truly serene and relaxing.


lime stone


So go on, close your eyes and envisage the oozing sound of water while you catch a sniff of butterfly bush and feel a soft breeze. 

It’s nice, ain’t it?

And now you are planning to instil a calm, soothing tone in your home.

We knew it! 

Because how can one not love the sound of water gushing down rocks or the view of a pond full of lilies appealing to the senses and relaxing the mind.


Dutchman Fountains


You must be wondering about how to create this view in your space.

Don’t worry! We are here for you. The experts at Marblising have prepared tips and tricks that can help you choose the most suitable fountain for your space and beautify the surroundings.


Guide to Choose the Perfect Fountain for Your Garden

 A perfectly placed customized marble fountain can enhance the beauty of any space. Likewise, style, size and function are also essential to consider when choosing the dream water fountain. Once this is in place, you can have a fountain that can be treasured for decades.

1. Choose the perfect Location: A fountain should never be placed in a part of the yard that rarely gets visited; this defeats its purpose. Before selecting the fountain, it’s recommended to choose a location first. This way, you will understand what style and type will best compliment the space.






Place a fountain as the focal point if you’re considering a formal design. And If your garden has an informal design, tuck the fountain into a corner or place it along the path.

Other things that can be considered when selecting the best location for a fountain include:

  • Where it can provide a soothing sound for your patio.
  • Where it can be heard and seen from any space.
  • The proximity to the electricity source for running the pump.


2. Choose the Marble Type: Outdoor fountains can transform an otherwise typical garden or outdoor living space into something elegant, relaxing and inviting. Choosing the right marble fountain integrates your style, personality and preferences. Marble is an incredible stone and is resistant to heat. Luckily, once your fountain is installed, you can rest easy, and it will last for decades. The numerous marble types available are Carrara marble, Emperador marble, etc. These marbles add a touch of class and luxury to your garden.


Kungfu Stone


Basalt marble fountain depicts a mountain stream and has been gaining attention these days. Their modest size permits you to place them on your porch, deck, or in your front yard.   


3. Don’t go overboard with plants. While plants purify the air and add colour, too many plants in and around your fountain can turn the water into an unpleasant bog and accelerate algae growth.




4. Power source: Outdoor marble fountains are required to have a power source, and there are various options. Two of the most common are solar power and hardwiring. It is up to your discretion which source you would like to go ahead with, considering your requirements. If your electric grid is in proximity, Hardwiring is the best option. Otherwise, you can go with solar power. 


5. Lighting Options: If you are installing a marble fountain in your yard, you would want to enjoy its elegance all the time. At night, you may spend time in the garden looking over your backyard, and relishing the view.


carved stone creations




You can add colourful and soothing lights in the area to accentuate the fountain along with the surroundings.


6. Weight: This comes as a significant factor when planning to install a fountain in your yard or deck. For instance, a substantial iron or stone fountain could be excessively hefty for a wooden structure. We suggest lighter-weight marbles or basalt marble in this situation.




7. Siphon: There are two types of Siphons, submarine and surface. Surface siphons function effectively for lakes, but it could create a lot of noise.




A beautiful vignette like this can be created inside your home too.

At Marblising, we offer lovely basalt water highlights to spruce up your space. Our team will be glad to help you with your taste and preferences.

From marbles to siphons, plumbing and lighting units, establishment parts, and water treatment arrangements, you can get everything you need to embellish your fountain space.

Visit Marblising and check out our variety of products and services!