Posted on: June 4, 2021

It’s that time of the year where lounging and other activities are moving outdoors.  

And so, making it look beautiful is the first factor to consider. But how? 

Don’t fret; we at Marblising can help!


What about adding a pond or a water feature to your garden? 

Perhaps a fountain would look great. There are endless options when it comes to revamping your yard. 

Choosing suitable materials can go a long way towards ensuring reliable construction, which is also simple to maintain, whether you want a koi pond, an ornamental lake, a fountain, or a mini waterfall.


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The experts at Marblising give you a few quick, successful tips on aquascaping your yard with the help of Marble fountains! 

A cost-effective and simple way to create a beautiful yard is to advance or add a water feature.

Wondering what the benefits come with it? 

  • It builds relaxing areas surrounding your outdoor space.
  • Heightens the general elegance and attraction of your landscape with various marble sculptures.
  • Enhances the overall luxury and worth of your home.

The mesmerizing sight of fish or the serene sound of water softly trickling down a sculpture or wall magnifies the look and feel of a yard. Peaceful, isn’t it?


Here are three different water features for your backyard that are easy to install.


1. Invest in a Marble Engraved Water Garden or Koi Ponds:


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A subtle water body can turn the look of any environment. 

From floating gardens that feature water lilies and lotuses to ponds overflowing with colourful koi fish, there is no way your yard is going undiscovered. 

These are distinctive ways to help you achieve the ultimate look! 

  1. Formation of a hole where you desire to set up your pond.
  2. Selecting a liner that is flexible or rigid. 
  3. Installing a filtration device enables proper air circulation within the water for the fishes and plants to survive efficiently.
  4. Make sure you have a submarine pump installed. It can help keep the water clean and prevent stagnation.
  5. Lastly, choose the best products for water treatment as well as food for the fishes.


2. Installing Marble Engraved Waterwalls


A Marble Engraved Waterwall is one of the rare and glamourous additions to the exterior of your space. 

You can add these right beside your patio deck or the swimming pool. It is sure to become a conversation starter and emphasize your landscape no matter what place you decide.


Cleveland Marble
Ⓒ Cleveland Marble


Here’s how you can choose the right one! 

  1. Look for the right type of designing Marble to build the wall.
  2. Add some textural elements to change the sound of the water, such as bricks, stones, or pebbles.
  3. Invest in a filtration device that prevents the deposition of minerals.
  4. Consider adding LED lights to create unique visual effects and ambience surrounding the waterwall.  

Voila! That’s how you master the art of Marblising your property.


3. Installing Beautifully Sculptured Customized Marble Fountain:

Customized? Yes, the best thing about Marble is that it is soft and easy to work with. 

So building a unique design from scratch is always an option. 

Producing a Marble fountain comes with a world of possibilities, be it intense or delicate, modern or intricate. 


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You can always choose a ready-made Marble sculpture or get creative with your style! 

With the right pump and plumbing accessories, you can curate a timeless Marble piece that amps up the cool quotient of your desired location. 

That’s everything you can do to enhance your yard! Trust us, you’ll love it! 

We almost forgot to mention that we cater to a wide variety of Marble water feature designs. And we’d love for you to check them out. 

From customized marble columns and fountain tops to a collection of liners, basins, and pumps. Marblising has it all.





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