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Myths about Marble maintenance

Marble has always been an ever-present entity throughout human history. Marble’s rich memoir and presence in time have always gone hand in hand with luxury.

From sculptures to grand architectural wonders, Marble has always stood as the face of elegance, beauty, and purity. 

Despite its history, Marble has, in more recent times, been labeled as a stone that is difficult to maintain, when in reality, it isn’t that difficult

Let us walk you through some of the most common myths surrounding the maintenance of this natural stone.


Myth #1 – Marble Is soft and can be damaged easily


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Yes, comparatively, Marble is soft as opposed to other natural stones. This unique quality of the stone is precisely why it is preferred by sculptors so much.

However, it is still stone and hence will last for a very long time with adequate care. Surface damages like scratches are inevitable but it in no way diminishes the authenticity and integrity of the stone.

With proper precautions and careful usage, you can avoid this and other types of damage.


Myth #2: Marble can stain easily.


Stainproof Marbles
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A widespread misconception about the natural stone is that it stains quickly, and once it does, it is beyond repair.

Although quite a few marble products are entirely stain-proof, tricky stains like red wine or coffee can easily be removed from marble.

Just use soapy, warm water on a cloth and dry with a soft towel. Sealing stones can protect it from such damage.


Myth #3 – It is safe to use any cleaner on marble


Easy Cleaning Marble


There are three big No’s when it comes to cleaning marble- 

These chemicals are abrasive and can dull marble’s natural shine and color.

All Marble ever has or ever should need is a soft, damp cloth and pH-neutral cleaner.


Myth #4 – Marble is not durable because it is a soft stone.


Durable Marbles


Marble has historically always been a widely used material in construction. A prime example of this is the infamous Taj Mahal. 

Marble was used in the construction of The Taj Mahal, it has been well over 400 years since its construction, and to this day, The Taj stands strong and looks as pristine as it ever did. 

This is an excellent testament to prove that Marble truly does possess great durable qualities. It is resistant to all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions, which means its form and features rarely change. 

So it is safe to say that from a buyer’s standpoint, you can be assured that it’s going to last you for a lifetime, if not more.


Myth no #5 – Marble is delicate and can not resist heat


Marble Artisitic Fireplaces


False. Marble and, in fact, any natural stone has heat-resisting qualities, which is why they are so commonly used as countertops and also been used as fireplaces throughout history. 

Marble is a dense stone that isn’t affected by temperature changes. Not only is it fire and heat-resistant, but it is water-resistant as well. 

So if you accidentally spill on it, it will not cause any damage to it.

Marble has a great deal of permanence. It doesn’t need fancy cleaners or a lot of caregiving for it to be maintained and functional. 

Just a gentle touch of attention and reasonable care is all it needs. 

Now that we have the myths surrounding marble out of the way, check out the range of marble products on our website that can add a touch of luxury to your home’s interiors.