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The Latest in Interior Design Is Also Timeless: Marble Art, Whether Modern or Classic, Never Goes Out of Style

When you check out the most prestigious design magazines, one thing that you can count on is seeing luxury design interiors created by the best designers around. What’s the secret to designing high-end homes? So often, the secret ingredient is marble sculpture, showcased like the works of art they are.
Designer interiors have a curated feel to them, as every piece of furniture and interior decoration have been chosen with care to make a statement. Whether it’s a traditional French chateau country home, or a minimalist urban loft, you can make your home a place to display marble artwork that reflects your taste and passions.


Small Marble Planters Black 1200x1200

Modern abstract marble sculptures work well in a contemporary setting, of course,where the graceful lines and simple shapes complement the open, airy spaces, and white walls provide a subtle backdrop for the artwork. The white or subtly patterned pale shades of natural marble fit in to the modern palette where brighter colors would stand out too much. Outdoors, a modern water fountain can bring definition to an otherwise bland patio area.
Abstract pieces can also be quite striking in a more traditional interior as an accent piece to keep the decoration and interior design from being too restrictive. A swirl of white marble against a traditional paneled wood wall can make a big statement.


Greek   Roman Marble Pedestals 733x

Classic marble artwork can also be used to great effect in traditional designer interiors.
Whether it’s marble planters atop ornately carved pedestals, or a bust in the classical Roman style set in a niche, the richly carved details of these pieces will enhance a traditional house’s interior design. You can also use architectural pieces such as columns to add character to an otherwise bland space. Stepping outside, ornamental water fountains or classical statues can help to define garden rooms and create a formal landscape to complement your traditional interior.


Abstract Marble Artwork Marble Sculpture Home Decoration Stone Carving

Don’t be afraid to mix in some classic pieces in your modern space, either! Especially when a traditional statue is carved from white marble, the added ornamentation of the historic styles can work very well against the white backdrop of a contemporary house’s interior design. Free-standing columns in the classical Greek styles like Ionic or
Corinthian can be placed in an open-concept house to define separate areas such as for dining without interrupting the flow of the space with walls or dividers.The best in home interior design has been around for a very long time: marble, the favored decorative material of the Greeks and Romans, and later of the great palaces of
Europe, is still a winning choice. Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, we have the sculptures and decorative accessories to make your home stand out from the rest.