Tips and Tricks to Maintaining your Marble

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining your Marble

Posted on: June 21, 2021

beautiful shining Marble


Who wouldn’t admire a beautiful shining Marble in their living space? 

There’s nothing more graceful than Marble decors. With its veining design and glossy exterior, it adds a touch of royalty to any place.


Marble inlays


The elegance of your house is enhanced when Marble inlays are paired with your interiors

An inlaid design on your countertops, Marble floors, or backsplash is sufficient to bewitch your guests.


pristine Marbles


However, those pristine Marbles will last for years only if maintained suitably. Marble needs proper care to stay strong and shine.

This could be a daunting task. 

However, the experts at Marblising have researched and curated tips to keep the charm of Marble intact.

Use this guide to discover the tips and tricks to maintaining your Marble:


#Tip 1: Avoid acid: 

Marble is sensitive to acid, so choose a cleaner that won’t damage your Marble surface. Using cleaners with lemon or vinegar is a big no as it can result in dull spots called etches. 

Instead, create a homemade cleaner by mixing one tablespoon of mild dish soap with warm water. 

Yes, that’s all you need to keep your Marble clean!


cleaning Marble


#Tip 2: Clean stains immediately: 

We all know spills are inevitable in your washroom and kitchen. All the cooking and cleaning can create a chaotic situation. 

An immediate solution to when you spill something is blotting it up right away before it stains the natural stone. If a spot turns out to be grimy and difficult to clean, use hydrogen peroxide to unwind before scrubbing it.


Cleaning Bathroom Marbles


#Tip 3: Polish the Marble: 

A touch of Marble can brighten up any dull room. So, preserve the natural elegance of your Marble surfaces with Marble polishing powder

You may also prepare a homemade paste with baking soda and water. And yes, do not forget to clean the Marble with a dry microfiber cloth before you apply Marble polish to the stone.


Polishing Marble


#Tip 4: Know the stains: 

Different stains need different solutions. Some can be cleaned using hydrogen peroxide, while for stains caused by water spots, you would need to buff them with steel wool.


Desert Stone Restore


#Tip 5: Clean the grout: 

Along with cleaning the Marble tiles, consider cleaning the grouts also. It can be done with the help of a neutral pH cleaner. 

Soak a soft-bristled toothbrush in warm water and apply baking soda onto the brush. Rinse the grout with warm water after cleaning with the brush and dry it with a soft cotton cloth.

Simple, isn’t it? Marble indeed is easy to maintain. 


Cleaning Marble Tiles
@Polo & Tweed


#Tip 6: Use rugs and carpets: 

Placing rugs or carpets can curb dust and protect floors from damage. Using colorful carpets is a perfect way to flaunt your style and taste. 

Mix and match different colors and patterns to create a pleasant atmosphere for you and your family.


TINO Stone
@TINO Stone


#Tip 7: Seal the Marble:

Sealing your Marble will make it last longer and increase its resistance to etches and stains. 

However, some Marbles do not need sealing. Applying sealer to a Marble that doesn’t require it will result in discoloration. So think twice before you invest in it! 

On the other hand, if your Marble needs it, use a Marble and granite sealer at least once every six months. That should help keep your Marble spick and span!


Impression Limestone
@Impression Limestone


#Tip 8: Baking Soda and Water: 

You must be wondering if this trick is really going to help. 

Believe us, it will! 

A paste of Baking soda and water can eliminate most of the chemical compounds from your Marble. 

Scrub the solution onto your Marble and let it dry for at least 2 hours. Then, wash it with clean water. Do this periodically to keep your Marble intact.


Marble Washing with Baking Soda


Marble is an excellent choice for decorating your home. It offers an array of options to personalize and customize the space where it is being used. 

And don’t you worry! 

Maintaining Marble is easier than you think. Take our word on this!

So go ahead and check out our exhaustive range of Marble products. Our designs can be customized to match your vision, style, and space.

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