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10 Best Marble Fountain Designs to Elevate your Garden

Marble Fountain Designs

Adding a marble fountain design to your space, whether it’s a small garden or an expansive commercial property, not only provides ornamental interest and a habitat for wildlife, but it can also elicit calmness and tranquility.

A water feature will instantly inject height, intrigue, and ambiance into your design concept.

When researching the ideal marble fountain, you’ll discover that the design you choose isn’t the only influencing factor—though that is a key component—in addition to the style of your environment, you also need to consider the size and placement.

Looking to buy a new marble fountain in Dubai? Ahead, we’ll explore 10of our mesmerizing marble fountain designs to inspire you.

Lyon Garden Fountain

Lyon Garden Fountain

A garden is beautiful on its own, but introducing the Lyon Garden Fountain adds a soothing feel and a suave touch.

This marble fountain, which makes a calming sound as the water gently flows downwards, is ideal for those who fancy historical elements.

It instantly becomes the focal of a classically styled patio, courtyard, or a front and backyard landscaped garden. Introducing hydrangeas and potted ferns will simply accentuate its visual presence.

2.Elegance Fountain with Large Round Pool Base

A grander take of sophisticated French-style marble fountain, The Elegance Fountain is three tiers high with a decorative basin to hold water.

This is an ideal design if you have just the right space in your garden and genuinely appreciate a striking centerpiece.

Both stylish and functional, this marble water fountain does so well in a Parisian-style courtyard but looks equally at home in a stunning contemporary setting.

Marble Rolling Sphere Fountain

Marble Rolling Sphere Fountain

Marble fountains come in a variety of shapes and styles!

The Marble Rolling Sphere Fountain, carved in a geometrical sphere and a fascinating marble color will undoubtedly create an awe-inspiring experience that will leave a lasting impression on anybody who comes across it.

Ideal for placement in residential and commercial settings, this striking and unique marble water feature oozes with serenity.

Water flowing from beneath catches the light beautifully and emits a soothing sound.

Luminescence Water Feature Fountain

For a more formal appeal in your outdoor marble fountain design, statues can be an excellent starting point.

With an angelic statue that sits atop, the white marble Luminescence Water Feature Fountain spotlights a radiant glow that’s hard to resist, making it an exhilarating centerpiece that will instantly bring a sense of sophisticated flair to classical and modern mansions.

It easily holds its own as a solitary decorative feature but also stands in its character when surrounded with blooming plants and lush greenery.

Marble Fish Fountain

Marble Fish Fountain

The Marble Fish Fountain is a fabulous way to reinforce yourexterior theme and take it to greater heights.

Depicting a rising fish out of waves of water, the soothing sounds of this marble fountain creates a warm welcome—so does its aesthetic flair that beckons visitors to wander outside.

Its cheerful elegance feels right at home in traditional, Moroccan, and contemporary settings.

Aquarius Fountain

Aquarius Fountain

As the customized marble Aquarius Fountain proves, size does matter!

If you’re on the lookout for a subtle yet invigorating way to make a huge impression, spring for a super-sized marble fountain.

The elaborate bowl design, supported by a collection of fish with facial features, perfectly offsets its gargantuan size, making it eye-catching, not too over-the-top.

Moroccan Fountain with Stylized Pool Base

Moroccan Fountain with Stylized Pool Base

A Moroccan Fountain with Stylized Pool Base makes for an elegant focal piece, either in the front lawn or as a garden marble fountain.

The size of this fountain design is large enough to enjoy from many angles of your property.

Placing finishing touches such as planters, vibrant floor tiles, and lush lounges creates a space where you can unwind and immerse yourself in the tranquil escape you have curated.

Lionhead Marble Wall Fountain

Lionhead Marble Wall Fountain

Calling all small-space dwellers: a wall-mounted marble fountain is an excellent way to make a striking statement without taking up precious square footage.

Hand-crafted to absolute perfection, the Lionhead Marble Wall Fountain, featuring of a centered lions’ head and child statues on both sides, will look fantastic cascading into a small pool underneath, or above a blossoming garden or stone-clad walkway.

Legend Fountain with Octagonal Pool Base

9.Legend Fountain with Octagonal Pool Base

For a soothing outdoor water fountain that appeals to all the senses and offers one-of-a-kind visual retreat, take a cue from Legend Fountain.

Not only will the dripping water provide you a healthy dose of tranquility, but the symmetrical design will also be intensively rewarding. It brings a dignified presence to a range of exterior settings, no matter the age and style of your property.

To keep this marble piece from feeling sterile, surround it with a plethora of plotted plants in breath-taking hues.

Small Fish Marble Fountain

Small Fish Marble Fountain

Despite its diminutive size, the Small Fish Marble Fountain is an excellent fit for a variety of landscapes; enhancing the sensory appeal of even the tiniest courtyard, patio, or front yard.

Perfect for a range of settings, it can be the key element that pulls your design scheme together, making for a distinctive focal point.

If you’re really pushed for space, this marble piece is sure to stand out as an exquisite central piece and look equally charming when surrounded by blooming plants.