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Global Shipping


  • Saving Dollars

    All prices and transactions are EX WORK, and therefore do not include any transportation cost or associated fees. Contact us to avail FREE SHIPPING OR INCLUSIVE RATES.

  • Answering all queries

    When on behalf of the CUSTOMER, the loading, transport, logistics, custom clearance, insurance, unloading or installation of the piece at the place of destination is the entire responsibility of the CUSTOMER. MARBLISING will be free of any charges or responsibility over events, loss, or any and all damages, during or after transport or installation.

  • Transparency in Invoices

    Shipping Services are available upon request to MARBLISING. Shipping services are charged in separate from Product orders. Quotes for Shipping Services are sent via PRO-FORMA invoice and valid for 10 working days since the date of issuance. In certain cases, MARBLISING holds the right to present the shipping charges on the quotations or invoices.

  • Proper packaging

    When the Shipping Quote is requested to MARBLISING and sent to the CUSTOMER before the advance payment of the Products, MARBLISING is committed to consider the cost of the Prof-forma invoice sent previously.

  • Safe Drops

    All transportation services requires the receiver of the goods to verify their status with the carrier upon delivery. The POD must be signed with reservations subject to verification with / without apparent damage and provided to MARBLISING whenever requested.

  • Safe and Secure Delivery

    Ownership of the product transfers to the CUSTOMER upon the freight carrier taking possession of the order for transport.

(For Shipping Claims, consult 17. WARRANTY & DAMAGE CLAIMS on the Terms & Conditions Page)