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6 Reasons Why Marble is a Sustainable Choice for Luxury Homes

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Despite being one of the oldest materials, marble has been revered for its strength and quiet allure.Since ancient Greece, it has been sculptured into many different statements.

Centuries later, marble’s uncommon, fascinating appeal has become an inspirational plaything for designers and artists, and their work has unlocked powerful qualities of this most tactile of stones.

Ahead, we share 6 reasons why marble is a sustainable choice for luxury Homes.

Marble is a natural stone

1.Marble is a natural stone
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Natural stone, as the word suggests, is earth’s natural resource. It signifies eternal strength and beauty, and to attempt to mimic its prestigious quality only generates an inferior product.

A perfect demonstration of marble’s exceptional strength is the endurance of iconic sculptural masterpieces worldwide that simply wouldn’t be the same had they not been created with natural stone.

Try to imagine the Aphrodite of Milos in the Louvre, the statue of David in Florence, or Parthenon Marbles in London. Would they have stood the test of time if they had been made of artificial material?

It is marble’s translucency that gives Marblising sculptures a visual depth, evoking a certain realism, particularly when used for figurative works.

When creating our pieces, we find marble relatively soft, refined, and easy to work with—and as each finished product ages beautifully and gracefully, itbecomes harder and incredibly durable.

For this reason, marble continues to assert its presence at the forefront of our designs.

Marble is incredibly durable

2.Marble is incredibly durable
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Aside from its obvious luxurious aesthetic, marble is both tactile and strong. It’s durable and more resistant to scratches, cracking, and breaking.

And on top of that, surface changes resulting from the immediate environment are not always visible to the naked eye.

Looking to buy a marble sculpture to make a worthy statement in your home? These properties mean your decorative piecewill stand the test of time and reward you with its timeless beauty.

Marble is timeless and always on-trend

The variation in color, texture, and veining intensity means there are no two identical stones.As a result, marble is one of the most timeless and versatile sculptural materials.

We especially love how it allows our clients to express their distinctive taste and introduce style, luxury, and a timeless appeal into their spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

3.Marble is timeless and always on-trend
Architectural Digest (https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/musee-rodin-garden-slideshow)

Whether you’re looking to make a memorable statement with marble columns or desire a focal point with a mesmerizing white marble planter in the garden, our distinctive pieces reassert the position of marble as a majestic material of beauty and unbridled creativity.

Marble complements a range of design styles

As a décor product, marble has a magical ability toeasily find application in just about any environment.

Marble sculptural possibilities are infinite, and selecting the right piece to complement a home’s architecture and landscape design is entirely personal.

We do not only love the feel of using marble, but also how each piece of sculpture elevates and coats the space on which it is placed with pure luxury.

4.Marble complements a range of design styles
Studio McGee (https://studio-mcgee.com/2019-10-18-friday-inspiration/)

Due to its uniqueness, you can achieve a one-of-a-kind zen vibe with a marble buddha statue and you can add a marble water fountain to make a grandiose contemporary statement.

If you have a more welcoming and cozy modern home design, a marble fireplace will prove capable of fitting naturally into the scheme of things.

5.Marble offers ease of care and maintenance
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Marble has a long history of use as a construction material, so its capacity to survive the test of time is well acknowledged.

When furniture and sculptural pieces are expertly maintained, you can expect to enjoy the beauty of marble for a lifetime.

Moreover, there are a variety of finishes, approved to meet sustainability standards, that can be applied to marble furniture or sculpture to enhance performance and appearance.

6.Marble is quarried and manufactured responsibly
Smithsonian Magazine (https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/quarrying-marble-looks-unreal-180953129/)

Green practice has become a very sensible quality for architects, designers, professionals, and homebuyers alike.

Environmentally conscious consumers demand that we do our best to reduce our environmental footprint.

Perhaps the best way to do so is to utilize natural materials—and marble is undoubtedly a material that is natural and is handled sustainably.

Fortunately, its sourcing, extraction, and fabrication use less energy, which essentially reduces environmental impact—it emits no harmful chemicals or toxins that could compromise air quality and it is easy to recycle

This means that it has the potential to serve many different purposes over its lifetime, an important component of sustainable design.

Final thought

From mother earth comes into our interior environments a true blend of elegance, durability, and style—marble!

The distinctive beauty of this natural stone has fascinated sculptors, designers, and humble folks alike since the beginning of time.

And yet, today, the fascination has not waned in the least, as we continue to discover within the marble block new shapes, waiting to be set free…

Loved for its aesthetic appeal, versatility, durability, and sustainable design; each one of our marble pieces expresses its unique intricacy and timeless charm depending on where and how it will be used in a space.