May 19, 2021 Author: Admin

Enhance Your Home Decor With Sculptures

Sculptures are the most elegant and extensive showpieces for home decor.They are a great way to express your style and display forms that fit your personality.

In fact, they are the most fantastic acceptable art type that does not have any limits, rules, or requirements to play with. This is what distinguishes sculptures and keeps them in high demand at all times.

A sculpture can make any corner the center of attraction.

We often see sculptures in magazines being incorporated as an interior piece. Still, we seldom see them in the houses of our parents/friends/relatives. 


Because sculptures can seem too pretentious or “too much” for your typical interiors at first glance. But let’s be honest. You don’t have to put a 6-foot statue in the center of your living room; instead, choose something tiny and adorable that complements all else.

See how these different types of sculptural pieces bring these spaces to life –


1) Abstract pieces 

Folks who often like minimal style often opt for more bold, contemporary, and abstract elements.


Abstract Pieces


One important thing is not to be overwhelmed by the labels if it looks chic and matches well with your idea of the place/ furniture. Go for it!

The piece in the image can bring up the aesthetic in your hallway or your entrance hall. It can even be placed in your office/ study space.


2) Classic sculptures


Classic Sculptures


If you are setting up your place with a minimal, artsy, and cozy vibe, a classic piece of sculpture is what is required.

Also, if you are not into abstract forms, just go for a marble torso or a portrait in the Greek style.

A marbled sculpture radiates warmth and acts as a great piece of attraction where it is placed. This white bust is an appropriate addition to a table full of eclectic accessories.

Any Greek/ Roman busts can look elegant in your entry hall, hallway to the rooms, lounge, or dressing room as well.

The bust in the picture provides an excellent example of a sculptural piece that adds interest to a room


3) Vibrant sculptures

Colorful and vibrant pieces often add the extra layer of charm/ charisma and brighten up your space. 


Vibrant Sculptures


The piece in the image (left) can look great in any entrance way or hallway. 

A trio of vibrant work (right) mounted in the dining hall, adding that dash of colors in a minimalistic room.


4) Rococo chic 

The decor of this design period features lots of flower and leaf motifs and has a light and feminine feel. These pieces feature plenty of gold, strong lights, sharp edges, flowers, and figures that add sculptural style to any luxurious space.


Rococo Chic


A lush and sparkling piece that can not only make your space look luxurious but also alter the entire look of the place. It can be a part of your living room, dining room, or even bedroom.


5) Animal sculptures 

 Animals are often considered to bring luck and prosperity in many cultures. 


Animal Sculptures


It’s a perfect example of how a piece can be refined and funny at the same time. Either standing guard in the entryway or keeping you company in the living room, these animal sculptures take center stage without overwhelming a space.

6) Feng shui 

The philosophy of feng shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance with the natural world.


Feng Shui


One of the most prominent sculptures among the Feng Shui collection is that of the Laughing Buddha sculpture. 

Laughing Buddha is basically used as a cure for wealth and good luck. The symbol is thought to bring auspicious energy, wealth, and joyful blessings anywhere it is placed.

Sculptures of all styles can be mixed with current decor styles, as long as a result suits your personality. The old rules about being matchy-matchy in your interior decorating are out of date. Fortunately, new, fresh ideas about styling a space are popular.  

Provocative sculptures can be a real conversation piece and a source of entertainment for guests. Sometimes, they simply reflect something from your childhood or life that is meaningful. 

Whatever the reason you choose it, a sculpture can do more than just enhance a room. It is a piece of art and should speak to you somehow, whether for happiness, nostalgia, or a more intellectual reason.

Just remember, a sculpture is a piece of art that reflects your tastes and sensibilities. Upgrade your space — choose something fun and enjoy it in your home!

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