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How Marble Can Increase the Value of Your Pool

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Most of us dream of the warm summer days resting next to the swimming pool. It’s one of the ideal ways to relax in your own space, be it any time of the day.

 Have you had your pool for some time now and considering an upgrade for it? Are you tired of the concrete deck and the same old brick pavers

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then it’s time to start thinking about a pool renovation.

No matter how dated your pool is, it can be revamped to look like a striking masterpiece that was just built yesterday.




Not sure what to expect when it comes to pool renovation and need inspiration for the same?

 Don’t worry! The experts at Marblising have got you covered!

Here are five tips to bring your pool back to life:

So dive in and be dazzled! 

Marble Tiles: 

Marble is one of the finest materials to use for your swimming pool. It is durable and provides an exquisite touch to living space. Besides, it guards the waterline, especially when paired with Marble pool copings. 

Contemplating on how it can be the right fit?

Well, below are some significant facts about Marble that can answer your questions:

  • Versatile:

Marble copings and pavers come in different designs and colors. Because of the unique features of Marble, you get the option to create a natural and bold look to make your pool stand out.

  • Safe:

Marble resists harmful elements such as bacteria that can otherwise thrive in the pool. Tumbled Marble coping increases grip so that people do not lose balance and fall.

  • Easy to clean:

You can easily clean the Marble pool with just water and mild soap. Though the material is stain resistant, cleaning it would help to prevent permanent stains.


Marble Tiles for Swimming Pool


Marble Coping: 

Marble Coping serves as a frame for your pool. 

It surrounds the deck and the pool structure. Standard Bullnose Marble coping is perfect for oval or circular-shaped swimming pools. 

It is both cost-effective and hassle-free. If you are looking to add coping to the steps or deck of the pool, tumbled copings should be the preferred choice.


Marbles Tiles for Swimming Pool


Marble Accents: 

Beautiful Marble accents can elevate the look of your pool and patio. Colorful borders can create a consistent look in the outdoor space, while tiles make underwater steps more visible. 

Furthermore, combining different shades of Marble stones extends a smooth and sleek look to the pool.


Crystal Blue
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Marble Bench: 

From minimalist designs to elaborate styles, the key to creating a refined swimming pool is to complement the space rather than compete with it. 

A cozy seating area is a perfect addition to the pool.

Installing a Marble bench will make your backyard pool an ideal spot to calm your mind and relax your body.




Marble Fountain: 

For a striking touch, embellish your pool with an outdoor Marble fountain

The appeasing sound of flowing water makes the whole ambience truly serene and relaxing. It can also make your outdoor space look like a resort. So go ahead and add a Marble fountain to your luxury swimming pool.


Outdoor Marble Fountain


So what are your further plans? 

Are you day-dreaming about indulging in a long-hour soak in your swimming pool to refresh your mind and body? 

If yes, Visit Marblising and get the ball rolling in your backyard dreams!