June 10, 2021 Author: Admin

Incorporating Marble Animal Sculptures Into Your Home Decor

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Tired of looking at your old, drab home decor? Well, marble animal sculptures have been gracing the interiors over the years as it instantly adds elegance and elevates the look of the space. It is also said that no other piece speaks luxury and sophistication as perfectly as animal sculpture does.


the ancient home


So what are you still contemplating on?

Don’t worry! Gone are the days where sculptures could only be treasured in museums or maybe in the home of an artist. These beautiful pieces have now found their way inside our own homes.


parrot sculpture


Sounds impressive. Right?

And while you want your home to look classy, staying on top of the latest trends may seem like a trial. 

We understand how tricky it can be at times to infuse your space with what is in trend.

So here is Marblising to help you out. Peek inside for ways to give your home a more classic touch.

Marble Lion: The lion symbolizes pride, justice, power, dignity, and strength. A classic lion statue sculpted with powerful haunches, full manes can embellish your fireplaces and fountains. You can also use them as shelf supports to decorate your balconies.


Lion Statues


Let’s celebrate the lion’s majesty as this powerful muscular marble lion will lend courage and strength whether standing sentinel near a garden gate or flanking an entryway. 

Marble Fish: A marble fish sculpture is an honor to the sea! It will remind you of the beautiful creatures that lie hidden beneath. This piece will make a great addition to your desktops and display shelves. Besides, it can also compliment your washstand table, adding more charm and grace to the homefront.


Marble Fist


Marble Fish


The “TIMELESS BEAUTY” of this sculpture can deliver stunning and invigorating charm that can magnify the aesthetics of any room in your house, adding a classic touch to your decor while still staying modern.

Marble Deer: Are you looking to spruce up your dining room? Consider transforming your space with a distinct work of marble deer and experience a lively resemblance! A marble Deer sculpture will indeed display distinct artwares within your home.


Marble Deer


The clear-cut finish and classy look of this wall fixture will make it a perfect decorative centerpiece. 


Marble Swan: A Swan is a symbol of grace, inner beauty, and love. The Swan depicts themes like loyalty and humility because she knows how to stay true to others. So bring the sculpture of Swan to your living room and have faith that long-lasting love will be part of your life.


Marble Swan


The serenity of Single Swan and Paired Swans can also add charm to your porch, garden. These accents will make a beautiful piece for any corner of your living space. Get these sculptures now to bring a sense of warmth and fun to your home!

Marble Phoenix: Phoenix is one of the four celestial sculptures that is believed to bring good fortune and luck. A Phoenix Statue makes a striking and eye-catching masterpiece for your home decor. Your fireplace is already the center of attraction of your room, so why not make it a visual treat by using Phoenix sculpture beside it?


Phoenix sculpture


Get your customized piece of marble to complement your room and give it the warmth that a fireplace deserves. Not just this, it can elevate any living space and bring texture and dimensions to the surface space. 

For balanced aesthetics and ambience that appeal for centuries, marble animal sculptures are indeed a worthy choice.

The army of animal sculptures will guard and embellish your home decor, bringing the grasslands to your front door.

And the subtle beauty of marble, will brighten up your home interiors. 

So if you’re envisaging bringing Marble animal sculptures to your space, head to Marblising to check out a wide variety of products we’ve carefully curated. We’re also open to customization!