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Marble Accent Wall Ideas That Will Radically Change the Look of Your Home

Marble is one of such materials that can evoke a sense of luxury in home design. It is elegant, subtle, and effortlessly beautiful.



One of the interesting things about marble is that we can use it to tone down intense colors in a room. 

 For example, place marble next to a robust and red accent wall, and the room will become entirely cohesive. That is why marble has gained so much popularity in the field of interior design.

 Marble is typically used in kitchens and bathroom designs, but it can also be successfully blended into living rooms and even bedroom designs.

 Are you ready for another design-inspired getaway?! Today we shine the spotlight on five glossy rooms that feature marble walls.


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Living room Wall : The grand combination of misty veined marble stone and rich wood grain has a natural luxe feel to it. 

The teaming of natural materials provides life to a modern apartment design and can be incorporated in various ways.

The Marble wall reflects light and provides a natural feel while also making the room appear larger than it previously did.


Beautiful Marble Walls


TV Wall : The TV wall is a great area to showcase and enhance your Marble interior design style

 Nowadays, an increasing number of individuals pick the marble TV background wall to decorate their homes to pursue a high-grade, gorgeous, and extravagant quality of life.




Bedroom Wall : Do you want to spruce up the ambiance of your bedroom? Then the accent wall is the feature for you. 

 Whether you want to create a tropical rainforest with slats, a pastel rainbow with oscillating colors, or an ambiance of the ancients with natural stone materials, there is a marble accent wall to suit every sleeping space.


Marble Floor and Walls


Kitchen Wall : The most popular destination for marble walls: The kitchen. 

 Fresh rooms that strive for a clean, crisp appearance. It’s no surprise that so many kitchens have marble surroundings!


Marble Dining Halls


Dining Room Wall : The installation of a marble accent wall in the room will bring the interior design together to create an engaging, eye-catching design.

 This will help you create the dining room of your dreams with a dash of style and personalized charm.


Marble Bathrooms


Bathroom Wall : One place where even a tiny piece of natural stone goes a long way is in the bathroom. 

 Today’s bathrooms are designed as in-home spa retreats, with homeowners and designers focused on every small detail.

  Above all, marble is exceptionally long-lasting and resilient. It will not chip or dent easily, so you won’t have to worry about it.

 Some people believe marble is brittle. On the contrary, marble is one of the world’s most rigid natural materials. As a result, they are capable of lasting for decades.

Even though Ancient Grecian and Roman times were over 2,000 years ago, most cultures still appreciate marble today and use it for a variety of structural and aesthetic purposes.

You can’t deny marble accent walls could completely transform your house!

 You must have heard of the phrase ‘Less is more.’ Similarly, even a modest amount of marble can transform a room from plain boring to stylish!

 If you have been thinking about adding marble materials to your house, look at our range of products at Marblising. We also do customization to best suit your needs!