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Marble Trends To Look Out For (2022)

Marble is a famous stone


Don’t we all wish that our houses could be awoken with that refreshing aura?

From getting ready in the morning to coming home after a long busy day, a soothing living space is all that we desire.

After all, home is where the heart is!


refreshing aura


So have you been thinking about one-of-a-kind and, above all, a place where you can retreat and unwind?

Did you say yes?

Awesome! Because we have a perfect piece of advice for you.

There is no other interior design option that can speak sophistication and tranquility to the extent of marble.


sophistication and tranquility


I mean, let’s drool over this for a second, shall we?

The collection of design and architecture with marble has never been out of trend, as the magnificent structures built by ancient Greeks still stand to this day with all their eminence. 


magnificent structures


It certainly is a timeless gift of nature that reinvents bliss in each space it adorns.

The fact that designers are bringing Marble back is, however, quite interesting.

Interior design, web design, print design, fashion design, product design, you name it, and the answer is “Marble.”


Lifestyle Ceramics
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Let’s hop on the Marble trends. 

Here we go! 

The experts at Marblising have curated a list of the marble trends to walk you through some best ideas:

Unlimited shades: 

Envisioning a bright interior living space?

Tints of Green, Blue, Sodalite, or the beautiful Avocado Verte Marble can add freshness and vigor to your home.


Acemar Marbles
@Acemar Marbles


These Marble pieces are inherently modern, chic, and timeless, making them a perfect choice.

Dark Stone:

If you want to go bold with your designs, black or dark green marble is the most suitable option.

The dark aesthetic brings a refined presence while magnifying the effect and color of decors in the room.


Dark Stone


There are various beautiful variations of black marble with white and golden veins.

Daring enough to try it?

Go ahead and add dark stone to your home.

You surely won’t regret it!

Veined marble:

Veined marble is gradually becoming popular because it adds visual interest and depth to any space while preserving its contemporary appearance. 


Veined marble


If you want something that works with a traditional color palette, select golden veining as it will complement flooring or wooden cabinets.

Accent Pieces:

Want to give a sophisticated look to your home without installing huge marble pieces?

If yes, then try small marble accents such as a marble flower pot or coffee table.


Decorzee and Pinterest
@Decorzee and Pinterest


The options for accent pieces are unlimited. When matched with the trends mentioned above, the results can be exceptional.


Sinks and Countertops: 

Lately, kitchens with grey and white marble tones have been all the rage.

But the trend has changed now. It is towards deep jewel-colored cabinetry. Besides, interior designers are mixing different colored cabinets.


Sinks and Countertops


This trend has created a massive demand for marble countertops with brown and deep green tones.

And believe us, you will be astonished to see the results from the above combination!

Marble is indeed the best choice because of its unique patterns and overall elegant look.

Just remember to stick to one central theme, be it minimalist or glamorous.

Inspired to incorporate ravishing Marble trends into your home?

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