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Popular Cherubs You Should Know About (From Ancient to Modern)

What comes to mind when you think of Cherub sculptures?

Sentiments? Love and a link between heaven and the earth?

Yes, indeed!


Cherubs 1


From the Romans to the Renaissance, neoclassicism to modernism, Marble Cherubs have been the epitome of serenity, innocence, and love.

So far, so classical. But if you think this is the whole story, the next room may come as a beautiful surprise to you.

Wondering why? 

Because Cherubs are widespread in architectural sculpture and have been gracing monuments, building for ages.


Cherubs Flare


Not just this, even in the 21st-century, Cherub continues to be an exquisite sculpture embellishing home interiors.

So let’s take a look at some of the famous Cherubs curated for you by the team of Marblising.


1. Winged Cherubic heads:

Wren’s City Churches were adorned with winged Cherubic heads in the late 17th century. The entrance of St Mary le Bow features a pair of Marble Cherubs over each door, along with fruit and leaf festoons and a variety of winged Cherubic heads.


Cherubs Speel


What a beautiful way to welcome visitors, isn’t it?


2. Full-figure Cherubs: 

Full-figure Cherubs were extremely common in 19th-century architecture. Electra House, London, is a perfect place to spot full-figure Cherubs. 

One pair can be seen standing and symmetrically supporting a cartouche with their hands.


Cherubs Speel 2


However, another pair of full-figure Cherubs are not so symmetrical, with one Cherub bending in to hold the top of a cartouche and the other striding away from it.


Cherubs Speel 3


So, the next time you visit Electra House, don’t forget to admire these beautiful masterpieces.


3. Seated Cherubs: 

The Cherubs need not, of course, always be standing and looking down the pedestal. 

Two little Cherubs floating amidst garlands, a cartouche, and acanthus leaves can be spotted on a corbel of the Wigmore Street Debenhams building.


Cherubs Speel 4


Isn’t it amazing how beautifully every detail in this masterpiece is crafted?

So believe us when we say this is breathtaking!


4. Adult Cherubs: 

Cherubs are usually plumpy infants, but we would like to highlight that there is also an adult Cherub with longer limbs and a muscular body.

In the image below, you can see a pair of adolescent Cherubs supporting a cartouche.


Cherubs Speel 5


5. Free-standing Cherub: 

A free-standing Cherub does not require a cartouche

For example, in the image below, a seated Cherub of avarice can be seen clutching his hoard of flowers to his body. And on the extreme right, a Cherub sits on the edge of a structure, holding the string course in an architect’s pun.


Cherubs Speel 6


6. Architectural Cherubs – pediments and spandrels: 

Now, let’s drool over the Cherubs associated with architectural aspects.

In the image below a spandrel with two Cherubs symbolizing love for literature and an angelic Cherub depicting love is a perfect example of architectural cherubs.


Cherubs Speel 7


It’s pretty evident that Cherubs have been the preferred choice since ancient times!

And if you want to adorn your living space with classic Marble Cherubs, Marblising is here to help!

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