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The Process of Creating your Custom Marble Fountain Design

Marble Fountain Design

Throughout art history, and evidently in modern times, there has been a continuation of the trend for marble stone carving.

Marble can be transformed into many forms, with each unique design having the aptitude to speak to a cohort of designers and design-conscious consumers.

At Marblising, designing and sculpting custom stone fountains is one of our specialties—and these vary greatly in design between simplicity and grandeur.

A custom-work creation gives our United Arab Emirates clients the power to decide on each detail for a true one-of-a-kind marble fountain design.

If you are considering a marble fountain that looks the part and plays a functional role in your space, check out our guide on how we create your custom-designed fountain.

Detailed Brief from Client

Like all our custom pieces, the process of design starts with an in-depth consultation with the client. This is where you share your ideas and the desired marble fountain design.

The client may share images of the design they wish to replicate, or if short of ideas,our websites’ product category is a great place to find inspiration.

If there are certain details you’d like to incorporate, we can add them to your custom creation. It is also at this point that we compare and contrast different options before the selection of the design.

When you meet with the Marblising team to discuss your project, our stone design experts will run through all important details involved in the creation of a custom marble fountain.

We understand that our clients have a distinctive vision, so we ensure that we keep their idea at the center of our work throughout the design and development process.

Selection of Marble Type/Color

Selection of Marble Type/Color

Over the years, we have worked with different marble types to create outstanding sculptures, fountains, and statues.

Each type has its own distinctive quality usually because of color, texture, and chemical composition—but we can all agree that all marble type offer a softness that allows for detail work and help resist breakage.

During this stage, the client chooses their preferred marble type and these include Pentelic, Parian, and Carrara, and the most typical colors are pure white or off-white—although pink, green, gray, brown, and black do exist.

Marblising uses only the highest quality materials guaranteed to provide exceptional strength and quality craftsmanship.

Dimensions and Digital Modeling


Once the client specifies how large a marble fountain design they need, we then work to get the scale and dimensions right by determining the height, width, circumference, and angles.

Thereafter, we blend the components in sketches as well as computer-aided design (CAD) drawings.

Thanks to modern technology, a 3d visual model can be created to allow our client to have an early glimpse of the finished product even before it has taken a physical shape.

Digital models also enable our team to remove any flaws in design and refine the details until we end up with a masterpiece that becomes a memorable part of the clients’ home for ages to come.

Hand-Crafted Custom Marble Fountain Design

Hand-Crafted Custom Marble Fountain Design

Once the client has approved the design, size, and stone color, we break the design down even further into individual parts. This ensures that the fountain features are exactly as desired in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Our professional sculptors then take the finalized drawings and obtain quarried stone blocks, cut them to the exact size, carve and hand finish the marble fountain, adding complexities and characteristics that only an accomplished artist can lend to a work of art.

Each of our fountains is meticulously handcrafted to give it a one-of-a-kind beauty. Our skilled sculptors are experts at dealing with marble and producing spectacular results.

Marrying sophisticated technology and human touch has enabled us to create marble pieces with the utmost refinement and class.

Safe Delivery of Your Marble Fountain

After the marble fountain design is complete, highly protective packaging is used to make sure that your stone masterpiece arrives in perfect splendor.

We arrange for the delivery and installation of the fountain to the clients’ desired site—in and outside Dubai.

Final Thought

Marblising recognizes that luxury demands the best craftmanship; hence we offer high-quality and expensive custom marble fountains that prove exceptional to the most discerning designers and homeowners.

From residential options through to commercial projects, we take the hassle out of crafting immaculate marble pieces that are designed to last for generations.