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Marble Around The World

Explore the world of marble

Marble can be found all across the world. Different quarries make different marbles. This universal stone comes in all shapes, colors, and patterns. 

A fascinating fact about Marble is that its location plays a huge role in developing its pattern and color. So join us as we go around the globe and explore the world of marble.

Italian Marble

Italian Marble

Italy, most famously known for its calzones and pasta, is also known for its fine marble. Italian Marble is famous around the world because of its heritage.

It is the face of Renaissance art and is associated with ancient Greece and Rome as well and is famously known for its durability and stain resistance. Carrara is the most commonly quarried natural marble in Italy, and it features a mildly grey backdrop for its brilliant veining pattern. 

From Italy, we also have the infamous and rare Calacatta marble known for its dramatic veining and milky white background that enhances its veining patterns. 

The rarity of this Marble is precisely why it is one of the most expensive Marbles we can find. But the price pays off since this is not a delicate Marble it is in fact sturdy and stain-resistant when cared for properly.

Indian Marble

Indian Marble

We think of a blast of colors, rich culture, and a kaleidoscope of patterns when we think of India. Well, these qualities of India definitely mirror brilliantly in their Marble. Indian marbles offer a great variety of colors and patterns.

Indian Marble is known for its long-lasting nature and the aesthetic value it adds to any space it is incorporated into.

The Famous Taj Mahal is made purely from the usage of Makrana marble.

Makrana has the oldest Marble quarry in India, it is still functional and produces top-of-class Marble even today. 

Makrana is the most water-resistant marble and is also famous for its ability to retain luster and shine. 

Another marble in India is the Rainforest Gold Marble; it is a yellow marble that features thick brown lines that look similar to trees spreading throughout the stone’s surface and hence the name- Rainforest Gold. 

In addition to the dense brown tree-like pattern, they are peppered with thin white lines, making the brown veins look like branches.

Turkish Marble

Turkish Marble

A lesser-known fact about Turkey is that it is the world’s largest Marble producer having at least 31% of its Marble reserves. 

Like Italy, Turkish Marble has been quarried for hundreds of years, being a supplier to the Romans back in the day. It has over 5000 natural stone quarries

Crema Ella is one of the many marbles produced in Turkey and is known for its consistent beige and ivory undertones. 

The simplicity of this marble is precisely what makes it unique. 

Another attractive Marble from Turkey is the Emperador Light; it is a brown Marble with soft yellow tones and light/dark veins that run through it. 

This Marble blends easily and well with any interior backdrop as it adds a welcoming and ambient aura to any space it is installed in.

Turkish Marble 2

And that is the story of all the different marbles around the world. Marble’s rich and ever-present history resonates well with all cultures worldwide, which is why we like to call marble a universal stone. 

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