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Trending Marble Types You Should Know About

Trending Marble

Which natural stone has always been and continues to be one of the most luxurious and valuable additions to the home?

Any guesses?

Did you think of Marble?

Elegant natural stones

Well, we must say you have great taste and preference!

Marble is indeed one of the most elegant natural stones. The natural beauty of this stone makes it the best choice for home interiors.

From classic Marble flooring to sleek Marble countertops, there is something about this natural stone that speaks of elegance and value.

Sleek Marble countertops

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There are various types of Marble, each offering a distinct appearance and feel. We have prepared a detailed guide of the trending Marble types for you. 

Carrara Marble: 

Carrara Marble is a high-quality natural stone found in Tuscany and is extensively used by Italian designers. Also known as Bianco Carrara, it is a popular choice for fireplaces, washroom walls, or kitchen backsplashes.

Carrara Marble

Carrara being notable for its linear veins instantly adds a classic look to your living space. 

Calacatta Marble: 

Named after a location discovered near Carrara, Italy, Calacatta Marble is one of the most in-demand Marbles. Its grey veins and varying cracked patterns contribute to a unique landscape in your home.

Calacatta Marble

Believe us when we say it has the power to bring life to your room!

Sasso Rosso Marble: 

This is a stunning, earthy red Marble quarried in Italy. It is a beautiful stone to decorate your home with.

Sasso Rosso Marble

So go ahead and add richness to your floors, walls, sinks, or pool edges with the exclusive looking Sasso Rosso Marble.

Domvrena Red Marble

Domvrena Red Marble is quarried in Greece and is the best option for countertops and sinks.

Domvrena Red Marble

And if you have any plans to invoke some energy and liveliness into your home, we would surely recommend using Domvrena Red Marble.

Nero Portoro: 

This stone features a light creamy brown and gold leopard pattern, appearing like a natural mosaic.

Nero Portoro

Each slab is unique and is used to embellish bathrooms and kitchens.

Dark Emperador: 

This is a beautiful piece of stone and can elevate any living space. It looks like a polished piece of earth that can be used with any other color and bring a perfect look to a room.

Dark Emperador

Rosa Levante: 

Rosa Levante is a solid pink color stone with a grainy texture. It is one of the most sought-after stones because it resembles fossils. Rosa Levante is quarried in Spain and is also known as Crema Levante.

Rosa Levante

Pink Spider Marble: 

It’s named after its dark red veins, darting across the pale pink background. Pink spider Marble is used for tiles, sinks, countertops, and backsplashes.

Pink Spider Marble

So if you are a fan of creamier pinks and traditional Marbles, pink spider Marble can be your go-to choice!

The subtle beauty of Marble has been brightening up living spaces for centuries.

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