July 13, 2021 Author: Admin

The Future of Marble

This stone has seen humanity


From Greece to Egypt, from 438BC to the 21st century, marble has been as relevant as ever! Marble’s history has been a significant one for humankind. 

This stone has seen humanity grow through the ages. So what’s in store for this ancient stone beyond the 20th century? Will Marble still be relevant in the future? Let’s find out! 



Marble has always been known for its classic veining and blending colors. But the future of marble, according to experts, is- Bold!

The way buyers consume marble is changing, they want colors, and they expect bold to match contemporary home and studio designs.

 Soon we will see more color in mirrored and artificially engineered stones that mimic natural stone veining; also, more rustic or weathered finishes. 

However, we can still expect the classic white marble with natural veining to be in premium demand. Another prediction in terms of design that we can make is the rise of recycled and upcycled marble.


classic white marble



The marble industry is projected to reach USD 16 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2020 to 2025. Another emerging trend we can expect is the consumption of Artificial Marble. 

A reason for this change is because mirrored or artificial marble looks precisely like one of the most expensive natural stones that are less prone to staining and etching at a fraction of the cost.





Natural Marble can be engineered to be interactive and operate by touch. There have been talks of Marble benches that will conceal wireless charger features in Progetto99, an Italian stone design company‘s latest homeware collection. 

Each piece is made from Calacatta marble and combines electronic devices activated by touch in a bench design. 

This bench incorporates electronic sensors concealed within its armrests that act as wireless charging points.

According to the studio, the collection offers a “future vision of natural stone” that allows people to “interact with the marble, making it dynamic.”

With the rise of Artificial Marble, there are plenty of innovations this rise in trend would result in; for example, porcelain that replicates wood and new marble look with veins that run through the depth of the slab mirroring natural stone.


slab mirroring natural stone


This is the future of marble. It is dynamic, fast-paced, and entirely open to adapting to technology and innovation.

 It has been ever-present in history, and today, decades since it was first used, marble has been proven to be an adaptive stone, malleable and open to change right along with time. 

This is another reason why every home deserves a customized slab to add a magical touch to it with a piece of history, present, and the future. 

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