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The Importance of Choosing the Right Marble

choosing the right marble


Are you planning on adding a touch of Marble to your living space to reflect your luxurious and elegant taste

Well, we most definitely commend your choice! But what a lot of people tend to overlook when investing in marble is the kind they need to be choosing. 

You need to consider what type of Marble you will need simply because carefully selected marble can add class to any space. 

The Marble you chose, its finishing, its location, its quarry history all come into play when you want longevity, durability, functionality, and visuals as attributes of your Marble. 

This is why there are many important factors to keep in mind while selecting the best marble for your home.

Marble is functionally and aesthetically diverse in today’s world. Hence keeping in mind all the factors, we have curated the holy trinity of factors you need to take into consideration while buying Marble.


1. It is crucial to have the right marble in the right place –


Ask yourself where do you want to place the Marble? 

Outdoor Marble

outdoor marble


Outdoor marbles can be used as exterior wall accents, and if you have a garden, it would be perfect to have beautiful marble planters and marble garden decor

If you are looking for a flamboyant display of marble, you would also want an outdoor fountain to add a touch of elegance to your garden.

But as you may have figured, not just any Marble will do well when exposed to the outdoor environment. For example, the polished marble countertop you have in your kitchen would not work well on your patio. 

However, steer away from polished Marble stones for any outdoor use, as they can be easily damaged when exposed to outdoor elements.

Instead, invest in Marble slabs like Coliseum Stone Rustic, Seashell, or sandblasted Crema Europa. These hold up well in different climates and have a very simple and rustic look, perfect for an outdoor area. 

Marble stones that work well in outdoor spaces will typically have a textured surface, different from what you’d see used in an indoor setting.

Indoor marble

Indoor Marble


Marble interiors are in all the rage right now. They are popularly seen as countertops. Another common use of marble in interiors is when its tiles are used as flooring.

Additionally, If you browse through our website, you can also find them in other niche shapes and forms. 

Such as this range of gorgeous marble fireplaces or this category of architectural marble.

Indoor marble comes with various finishings and polishing to suit its internal environment. They come in a range of designs and patterns as well. 

Caring for them is relatively easy, although they are prone to minor staining and damage under cases of extreme neglect.

Popular choices for indoor marbles are Makrana Pure White marble, Calcutta marble, Carrara marble, and Crema Marfil marble

These marbles are known for their resilience, rarity, and aesthetic appeal, making them optimal and the prime choice for interior decor.


2. Determine the Aesthetic and Design of the marble


Aesthetic Design Marble


Marble is not only for its luxurious appeal and durability but also for its trademark patterns, veining, design, and texture. 

It would be best if you customized your design depending on the area you plan on Marbling.

Design decisions again depend on where the slab is being used, where it originates from, and what color you would like to bear to suit the space you display it in. 

You can transform the look of Marble with different finishes like honed finishing, leather-like finishing, and the glossy polished finish, which is the most popular style of finishing.


3. Identify its functionality


White Marble Fountain


Marble in a home and outdoor setting has plenty of functions, as mentioned earlier. But to elaborate on it, we would say that different types of Marbles come with their own set of attributes. 

Although all of them are sturdy, durable, heat and weather resistant, some are more heat proof than others, while some are more durable than other marbles. 

So depending on where you plan on using it functionally, you must pick a slab that will deliver the kind of results and longevity you’re expecting.

If you are looking for heat-resistant marble, a good choice would be to go with Dynasty Brown Marble, Emperador Gold Marble, and Carrara marble; the most heat-resistant marble which can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Carrara is also popularly used in kitchen additions along with Statuary marble.


Dynasty Brown Marble


When you choose the right kind of marble, you make full use of its untapped potential. When you customize and use it by playing to its specific strengths, you will be rewarded with minimized staining and etching and maximized aesthetic value and longevity. 

Now that you know how to choose the right kind of marble, head over to our website and browse through our range of customizable marble decor.